Friday, June 19, 2015

Tomorrow.....Almost Here

You guys crack me up.
You want to see the bathrooms. asked....

Actually, they are pretty spectacular as bathrooms go!

Flush toilets... hot and cold running water... all the amenities...
with some little touches that we added...
nice soap, nice towels and a basket of necessities.

As for the tent...

some decorating was done yesterday...
more to be done (and finished) today!

This area is for cards, gifts, and the guest "book"....

which is actually a canvas print of a tree and guests can sign the blossoms.

Isabella, my antique dress form, will be in charge of this area.

This antique suitcase will serve as a card depository.

Remember that old railroad wagon that I bought last summer at the auction?

It's our dessert table.

The scales will hold the small wedding cake.

Surrounding the cake will be several types of cupcakes.

On the other half of the wagon will be several varieties of whoopee pies...
displayed in various fruit crates...
some of which will be set on top of this antique butter churn and crate.

Today we set up the chairs for the ceremony
between this arbor and the gazebo.

Signage will be put in place,
bars will be equipped
and tables will be set with linens and centerpieces.

It's another busy, busy day...but the last of them.
Tomorrow we party!!
Most of the day is to be nice....however tropical storm "Bill" is to affect us around 
6 PM with rain.
We'll make the best of it no matter what!


  1. i don't think this could be any more perfect. it is all so well thought out and awesome! the railroad wagon is fabulous! so, bill is paying you a visit? he is headed our way too. i am sure everyone will have a wonderful time no matter what!

  2. absolutely amazing, what you're doing there. How gorgeous, every detail. I wish you the best possible day, you're already on your way! And those bathrooms... holy smokes.

  3. So exciting Bev! Have fun and enjoy all of your hard work!~Kim

  4. I'm so excited, you'd think I was a member of the wedding party! It all looks spectacular!

  5. And of course:

    Best wishes and congratulations to everyone!

  6. Hello, I am visiting from Missy's blog. I just love this wedding venue. Everything looks fabulous, lovely decorations and very well planned. Wishing all the best to the happy couple!

  7. Squeals! Love it all!!!! TerriC

  8. Everything looks absolutely amazing! Congratulations Bev, all your hard work has set the stage for some beautiful memories. And thank you for letting us be virtual wedding guests! I would also like to send my congratulations to Tim and Amanda. May they live happily and contentedly with each other into old age where hand in hand they can look back and see,indeed, how love has grown. Now, party time!!

  9. Came over from "This n' that" blog.

    Everything is in order. Even to amazing "pottie" places. Simply amazing,on this score. :-)

    Best wishes for weather to cooperate.

    But weather or no, it will be lovely. A beautiful memory.

    Gentle hugs,

  10. Bev, everything looks absolutely gorgeous!! So much thought has been put into all of it, it is going to be a wonderful wedding!!

  11. Those are the RITZIEST portapotties I've EVER seen! I'm glad to be back at Bee Haven Acres -- your link went weird on me and I couldn't access your blog. But today your sister had a link to your refreshed blog so I found you again, yay!

  12. I hope you'll be able to find a quiet moment tomorrow to stand back and take it all in. The effort you have put into this overwhelms me. Have fun!

  13. Wow, everything looks amazing! I love all the antiques everywhere!! What a beautiful wedding it will be, i hope you post some pics on Monday!!-Stephanie D.

  14. Now that's what I call a classy mobile restroom..haaaha

    Will you just look at all this beauty! Beverly, I am so excited... What a brilliant idea to use the railroad wagon for a dessert table. I love the guest sign in, and the suitcase for cards...
    I hope the storm does not hinder your wedding, but frankly I don't think anything would spoil this day...
    Have a great time!

  15. It is looking so nice and beautiful, can;t wait to see the whole picture. Best of luck and hope the weather co operates. Enjoy , Janie

  16. An American in TokyoJune 19, 2015 at 6:54 PM

    Woo hoo! Nice bathrooms!
    And the whole farm looks lovely!
    Enjoy your special time!

  17. Wow ....things are looking so great around your place. People will be thrilled with it all, I'm sure. I'm thrilled just seeing it all on your blog! You are so organized. What lovely touches everywhere! And even if "Bill" adds some blustery weather to the will all be a part of the special memories that will be talked about for years after. Congratulations to the Bride and Groom! May you all have a wonderful, Blessed day!

  18. Wonderful . . . You must be in full swing wedding joy about now!
    I hope everything went well, and everyone is yelling "woooo hoo!
    Let's party!

  19. I hope you are celebrating and having loads of fun about now!
    All the best to you and the wedded couple . . .

  20. Oh, everything looks spectacular! Hope it went off without a hitch. Many happy returns...


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