Thursday, March 19, 2015

As the moon hangs on the horizon, right before dawn...

the horses are eating their breakfast...

as are the donkeys...

The turkeys gaze upon the peace of the blue hour from their toasty house...

and I hear the weather man on the radio in the barn talking of 4 to 6 inches of snow...
starting tonight.

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring....helloooooooo.....
So I am out here talking things over with Mother Nature...
imploring her to have pity.

We've had enough...and it is almost all melted!
Have mercy!

Well, I have learned this much... it will be what it will be.
And that's that!

Never-the-less, I will be working in the greenhouse today...
planting more seeds.
I am getting a good jump on gardening season already....

I'll be ready when Spring unpacks her suitcases and decides to take up residency.

I haven't broken the news to these gals, however.

They were just getting used to being outside again.

See that look of contentment on her face?
The thought of a yard full of snow might be enough
 to make Ginger and MaryAnn cry little piggy tears.

And Daphne and Chloe have had a case of Spring fever.
These two, who have lived the last three months on a single path through the snow from 
their house to their water bucket, are quite glad to have the freedom to wander at will.

Just yesterday they were racing around their yard, kicking the fence each time they would pass
the boys (horses) on the other side of the fence.
I grabbed my camera to get a video.... and of course the fun came to a grinding halt!

All that running around tires a gal out!

Just a few short weeks and we will see some of these....

Lilacs are one of my favorite parts of spring.
There is nothing better than cutting armloads and bringing them into the house.
The scent.....heavenly.

Duck update....
The pond has finally melted completely.
Our ducks all made it through the winter....
until the past week.
Sometime in the past week we lost 3 of our mallards.
I was hoping that they were just off mating and nesting....but three is an odd number...
and that tells me my hopes were wrong.

Hopefully this spring will bring new baby ducks to the pond.


  1. Oh no! I was just thinking when I saw the first few pictures that the snow was gone! Hopefully, it'll be your final blast of winter and gone in a heartbeat.
    Can't wait to see your trays sprouting!
    Hang on, spring really is on its way! The birds tell me so. ;0D

  2. Sheesh, winter needs to be poor dear! Everyone is so happy that you have some sun and warmer temps...sorry about the snow. Let's hope it's gone in a heart beat.

    I love the idea of those little spouts coming up with snow on the ground outside the greenhouse. Oh, those lilacs....I can't wait to fill my house as well. Favorite flower for inside.

  3. I can truly say . . . I am OVER IT on that 'snow' word . . .
    Lilac fragrance . . . I am ready!

  4. One of my new favorite sounds since adding mini donkeys to my place is the quiet sound of morning hay munching. So peaceful and rhythmic.

    1. And how about the braying that precedes that quiet munching???

  5. Beautiful post once again..I envy your lilacs, etc. Brickman is out there as I write this, cutting everything down..They missed the Forsythia this year..Just cut down the Lilacs and the Hydrangeas..I'll have to come see you to see flowers,,Not a bad thing..Sorry about your ducks..Something is afoot..or feet..March snows don't last long..That's a good thing..Spring must have gotten stuck in traffic somewhere..xxoo

  6. Tell Mother Nature enough is enough! Hopefully it passes by and doesn't drop a flake, on the first day of Spring. Oh heaven sakes!! Hugs, June!!

  7. Lovely photos ! Oh that's not nice for the first day of spring . Hope it passes you by ! Thanks for sharing have a good day and Happy spring regardless of the weather lol !

  8. Beautiful Blue Hour images. It looks like everyone has spring fever at the farm & I don't blame them after your long winter. I just love lilacs too. They were my Mom's favorite flower & I always took her a big bunch for her birthday each April. She always kept her favorite french milled lilac scented soap in her dresser drawer. That same dresser resides in my bedroom & each time I open a drawer I am greeted to that lovely lilac fragrance that is so familiar.

    I feel so badly that you may get another bunch of snow dropped on you. If I were Mary Ann or Ginger, I would cry buckets of piggy tears at that sight. I can confirm that spring exists & is coming to the farm soon because spring is at it's height out West. This week the trees unfurled their leaves & it was exciting, if not allergy provoking, to see the tree begin sporting their greenery again. The trees are full of nests filled with hungey baby birds & temps. have already reached 72 degrees. Since we had no winter weather at all, an early spring is needed much more in areas of the country that have experienced a long snowy winter this year. However, since I can't change the weather, the least I cans do is assure you that spring still exists and is headed your way. I hope spring arrives at the farm ASAP because I know you really need it after a long winter. The animals esp. seem to let you know it still exists & should be arriving at the farm in short order. Sad news about the ducks that have gone missing. I guess winter has left some animals desperate for food & perhaps with new babies to feed that caused them to snatch the ducks. Let's hope for lots of new ducklings this spring..


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