Tuesday, March 24, 2015

An Ordinary Day With Extras

Yesterday was like any other day,
but not.

The morning sun rose...setting a small blaze on the horizon...for just an instant.

Morning chores brought a deep chill to my bones.
It's spring, yet the thermometer still reads in the 20s at this time of day.

There were extras, however, that set this day apart from others.

Like... awakening at 3 AM in the midst of a wedding nightmare.
I am sure I will have more of these...
but, it's THE DAY...and of course I am not anywhere near ready.
Needless to say, I did not go back to sleep, but rather, got up
showered, and worked my way through a pile of ironing.
I attacked morning chores a little earlier than usual...
cleaning up manure in the dry lot to the dim light of a few barn spotlights.

My morning and early afternoon were spent in a four hour trip out the PA turnpike
to return my father-in-law to his wife after a weekend spent with us.

Upon my return home, I headed for the greenhouse to check on my seedlings.
Last time I looked there was nothing but soil in the pots.
This time....

Spring was busting out all over!!

I spent about an hour filling more trays with soil and seeds...
gently watering them and placing them on heat mats.

Afternoon chores were done.
Pigs' hooves were trimmed.
Horses were wormed.

There is nothing more fun than chasing 7 equines around the dry lot to worm them.

"Yuck!"....they all were unanimous on that point!

By 8 PM I was sound asleep on the couch...
a very long and busy day.


  1. Joyce, HarrisburgMarch 24, 2015 at 5:52 AM

    Good morning, I can't say I've wormed a horse, but I can relate to the wedding nightmare :) I am 100% certain it will be wonderful! Love seeing things growing in the greenhouse and love the photo of the sun on the barn (equine arena?). Have a great day!

  2. Sounds like you had a busy day with a mini-road trip added to it all. Those dreams/nightmares before a wedding are normal. With BOTH my daughters- I dreamed I was 9 months pregnant and sitting in the front row as they walked down the aisle. I was in my 50's both times....lol xo Diana

    1. Diana, I would say that it was not a dream but a nightmare!

  3. Amazing what you can get done before the sun rises! Too bad that it was worry that awakened you. Did you get any of that worry sorted out while doing chores?

    1. I really don't have any worries.....there is just much to do...but I am sure it will all get done! It's only while I sleep that my imagination goes wild!!!

  4. I don't think you EVER waste one minute of your day! I have not one bit of doubt that you will be ahead of schedule for the wedding. I love seeing all those seedlings popping up.

  5. Oh, my what a long day! Sorry about the wedding nightmares....I can sympathize with you...I am glad that I only had to do it once! Heehee. It will be fantastic but right now you are sure that if you don't stay on top of everything then it will be a disaster. Guess what? NOT....just remember it's all about family and enjoying the day, and when little things are off...they create wonderful stories of the special day. Have fun.

  6. I'm glad you were asleep on the couch...You needed to be..The wedding will be perfect if you do little else..You're always way ahead of yourself which makes everything flow so well..I hope it soon warms up a little so the ground is warm enough for your little upstarts..Hope you had a good day..xxoo

  7. Definitely sounds like a long busy day being up at 3am and going all day I was exhausted just reading about it lol ! Lovely photos . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day and hope you get a full nights sleep !

  8. A day that starts early sometimes had to end early! I'd like to know what the walls and ceilings of your greenhouse are made of. I'm planning a little lean to on my garden shed and am debating what to use.

    1. Our greenhouse is built on the side of our barn....so the greenhouse is three walls and a roof. The walls up to hip level are block...then the rest of the construction is a cedar frame with plexiglass panels. There is a thermostat that is hooked to a fan on one side and louvers that open on the other side so that air can be brought in and blown out the other side....to keep it from turning into an oven. I can get quite warm in there!!!

  9. I love how the morning sun is shining on the barn! All the starts in the green house are looking good. Promise for a great garden this summer. Oh those sudden nightmares, LOL!! You've been thinking of that wedding and all the pep a little too much. HA-HA!! I's sure it will all turn out beautiful! 8PM sound asleep, long day! Now get some sleep tonight! Hugs!! June


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