Friday, March 13, 2015

A Wonderful Sight to Bee-hold!

Each and every day we see just a little more of the ground!
Less snow, more water....more mud!

Just about everywhere you look there is a small stream of water flowing...

eventually reaching the lowest part of the farm...
the pond.

Afternoon chore time is delightful...warm and breezy.

Yesterday, while cleaning the dry lot (wet lot)...
I became aware of a buzzing sound.

"Rats...the flies are out already!"  I thought.

And then I looked at the ground and saw lots and lots of honey bees buzzing around.
(I have noticed that for some reason honey bees are attracted to horse urine.)

These had to be my honeybees, because no one else in the area has bees.

With anticipation, I quick ran to the bee garage, threw on a bee shirt and gloves, grabbed a feeder and sugar water, and headed to the bee yard.

I cannot tell you how happy I was to see one of my hives with bees busily buzzing around it.

There were hundreds of dead bees on the ground in front of the hive...
the work of the bee maintenance crew...

they clean out all dead bees and push them over the edge.

I lifted the roof and added the feeder and sugar water.
With no available nectar, and their honey stores surely depleted from this brutal winter...
I knew they would be honey.
Sugar water will assure their survival until the blossoms emerge in the coming weeks.

The bees have had a few rough years...
colony collapse disorder and brutal winters have all but eradicated our bee colonies.
Thank goodness we have one strong colony left.
With any luck, this colony will continue to thrive through the summer.
Of course that depends upon the health of the queen.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

I still want to add more hives, but with this summer's extra activities (wedding and such),
I have decided to tackle that project next summer.

PS....don't forget to check back tomorrow afternoon for the winner of the apron giveaway!!


  1. Great pictures, as always. Sure hope your one hive survived through the winter. xo Diana

  2. Yay...Hope this colony continues to thrive!Yes, I saw a fly several days ago...Bug time is approachin !

  3. what good news! i never knew they house cleaned like that!

  4. We're having the soggy days too but that's b/c it's rained almost every day for two. Solid. Weeks. Blegh. And that was after the 6 inches of snow we got that of course all melted 2 days later.

    Yay for bees! That's a SURE sign Spring is right around the corner! I'm excited! :-)

  5. How exciting, green is showing!! Okay maybe a little brown but the pastures will be green soon. Ahhh, Spring is on the way to you! I'm happy to see that your bees have survived you brutal winter! Hummm, honey! Enjoy your weekend, Hugs!! June

  6. Yay! Glad there is one surviving hive at least..Hope it continues to thrive..Lot's of little streams around here as well..

  7. I miss days like that in Colorado! I don't miss the mud though. haha
    That is really interesting about the bees. Is it normal for so many to die like that?

  8. The bees are attracted to the sugars in the horse urine I expect , that is awesome that they are there now . We have fly's and lady bugs waking up and birds have returned but no bees yet , lots of puddles and mud here to . Lovely post and photos I love spring . Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

  9. Hooray for the bees! So glad they found their way back! Love that outfit, girl! ;0D

  10. I'm back . . . love seeing the Bee Haven posts again . . .


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