Friday, January 23, 2015

You Wear It Well

Yesterday morning as I started chores,
I was surprised by how silent my world was.
No birds, no owls, no wind... just silence.

I worked cleaning the dry lot in the silent, blue hour right before dawn
marveling at how peaceful the world becomes when there is snow on the ground.

It wasn't long, however, before a distant tractor motor broke the silence...
then ducks quacked and turkeys gobbled...
donkeys brayed....
and my magical moment ended.

By afternoon, the sun peeked out and blue sky was a welcome sight.

 I was in the goat yard feeding the dwarf goats when I noticed Spider.

It seems he is beginning to shed his wooly undercoat...
gray "lint" peaking out from under his ebony fur.

He must have been scratching with his horn,
because he ended up with quite a collection of wool hanging from the end of it.

"You look quite silly, there, Spider!"  I said.

"That might be," said he, "but I'll bet you cannot lick your nose with your tongue!"

"You got me there, Spider!" as I broke into the chorus of "You Wear It Well."

One of my winter goals is to work my way through my fabric stash...
sewing as many aprons as I possibly can before the weather breaks and 
outdoor chores take precedence.

Yesterday's makings....


both are for sale in the marketplace (see link below blog header).


  1. Good Morning. Still enjoying Bee Haven Acres with my morning coffee but been in a little funk this week. Our 141/2 + choc lab, Echo, died Sat evening. I hope to be a little more "with it" next week. You have a great weekend and I'll be waiting to read about it on Monday.

    1. Dearest Colleen....all I can do is send you a hug....I know your pain.

  2. I think the worldseems calmer and quieter when it is snow-covered. Beautiful aprons. Happy Friday!

  3. I have met that "still of the morning" before. The best, isn't it!

  4. I love that early quiet morning moment. My favorite time of the day is sunrise or when day breaks on a cloudy day. The world is so peaceful then. That crazy thumb surgery and healing has slowed my sewing down but I have figures free now so look out! Enjoy your day, hugs!!

  5. It really did sound like a magical moment, all quiet and peaceful. Thank you for sharing.

  6. I love the quiet before the dawn and the sounds of nature and the land waking as the light of the morning comes same goes for the evenings to as everything is going to bed the quiet at sun set . Love your aprons . Looks like spider is beginning to shed his winter coat already does he know something we don't about the weather ? Thanks for sharing , nice photos ! Have a good weekend !


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