Friday, December 12, 2014

In The Lane....Snow Is Glistening....

Oh my, what a difference a day makes.
Going out for morning chores yesterday, I was met with this....

And the snow just kept on falling.

Don't you just love the "blue" hour right before sunrise?
Oh, how this puts me into the Christmas spirit!!

It's beautiful, cold, silent.
Oh, how good to have a place that's dry...

The garden slumbers beneath its soft white blanket.

Fresh snow makes everything picturesque!

Especially Sammie!!

Sam and Annie love playing in the snow.

Chase, tumble, roll.

A right hook to the jaw...

and then Oakley breaks things up.

You'd think the snow would cover up all scents...

but, Sam goes excavating for them.

As does Annie...

Even Ginger's outside...

plowing snow with her snout!

If you ask them, the piggy girls will tell you...
they don't like snow all that much!

But for some reason, today, Ginger chooses to be out in it.
MaryAnn, on the other hand, is fast asleep beneath her heat lamp.
Smart girl!

All the goats, except O'Malley, are inside their houses.
Malley hates to miss a meal.

Back inside, with Christmas music playing
and a fire in the fireplace,
I am warm and cozy....

as the snow continues to fall.

Just a reminder...
tomorrow I will post this past week's trail camera surprises.
Stop back to see our wild world.

And before I leave you for now, I wanted to share another silly home video.
Yikes. No, really....yikes.
Disclaimer:  I get incredibly nervous in front of a camera and become very shifty eyed...
please forgive.
I wanted to share my latest knitting project (passion) with you and a photo would not have
captured this item....unless I was wearing it...and me and "selfies" just don't work out so well.

I love make-believe and items like this make me happy!
The hood pattern is called "Dragonwatcher's Hood" by Tiny Owl Knits
and is found in a book entitled Woodland Knits by Stephanie Dosen.


  1. The depth and breadth of your skills and creativity is absolutely amazing! Love the video!

  2. You are not only adorable, but so talented. The hood is fantastic and I just love the bells and the story about the baby dragons. ;0)

  3. OMG, Bev, I agree with Daisy G - you are adorable!! And I LOVE the hood! I don't know how you cram into your day, all of the cool things you get to do! I think your day might be 29 hours long!!!!!!! So cool! Karla from Coal City

  4. Love the snow pictures, especially the ones of snow on critter noses. Cold air makes the pups so frisky, doesn't it. Love, love, love the hood. It covers your long hair so well and it so very cute with the long "tail". Enjoy the weekend and I'll be back tomorrow for the trail camera pics.

  5. How beautiful...we have no snow here yet...darn. I do love a white Christmas. You are way ahead of me, I do have my gifts bought, some mailed but others are not wrapped. No music here but I can hummmm..

    Love hood, fun video, nice to hear your voice again. Hugs.

  6. you got snow!!!! we didn't even get a flurry. i am so disappointed. and now we are going to warm up. where is my winter!!! i LOVE the dragon watcher! are you going to sell them?

  7. I adore all the snow pictures, it looks so beautiful and serene! Maybe not the dogs... ;-) The hood as absolutely fantastic!! Love, love, love it! I might have to try and find the book, just so I can knit one for myself.

  8. You are who I aspire to be!! Amazing! Your time management skills alone are thing to behold. You don't waste a second and that is a great way to live life!

  9. the hood is fabulous....yes Viking one!
    Love your animals in the snow....and yes, the blue light of early morning

  10. Your hood is adorable, you are adorable, your animals are adorable and the snow-covered farm is adorable! A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E. is all I can say....Queen Marcy from Atlanta GA

  11. I want the hood!!! I have complete confidence I will be able to knit again after healing. Love,love the snow pics. I sure could snuggle down by the fire. Hugs!

  12. OMG !!! SO CUTE!! You and the hood..Great video..I have to have one of those and your hair to go with it..So many dragons out there..Mollie loves to chase them..
    Loved the post..great animal/snow pics...It's been a long time since I've seen that blue hour before sunrise unless I get up to go to the bathroom..Hmmm It does cast a special light..Have a wonderful weekend..

  13. I am envious. It's in the 70's here and most days it's humid. I would LOVE for it to feel like Christmas. You're so lucky!

  14. My oh My what wonderful pics you capture. Merry Christmas dear blogger.

  15. I may have to make one of these.....cute idea...Ann

  16. I really love your knitted hood. Very pretty. You need to do more videos. You have a great voice.
    I am still envious of your winters, however, we did get three inches of rain in 24 hours...unheard of...well unheard or seen in almost three years! Have a lovely weekend.

  17. Love, love a fresh snowfall . . . so quiet and beautiful . . .
    "Wish some" for me . . . okay . . . none here, ZERO . . . and I need some please.
    I think you can make that happen . . . you are inspiration, so talented . . . amazing energy and creativity!
    Loved the video . . .

  18. What a charming video! And all of your snow pics - thanks for sharing - LOVED it all (and I bet you could teach me to knit - you have a calming, patient nature!).


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