Friday, November 7, 2014

Ahhh...The Luxury of a Rainy Day!

Yesterday was the perfect day to catch up on indoor activities.
The laundry and the ironing are caught up.
New bracelets are made.

Wedding corsages are finished.
My craft/sewing room no longer looks as though a tornado struck.

While I was indoors tasking away,
the critters were under roof...

waiting for the sun to come out.

I went out mid-afternoon to do the chores and the sky was cloudy...
rain steadily falling.

While cleaning stalls, I was aware that sunlight began to filter through the barn door.

Out front of the barn... a rainbow....

and blue sky peeking out from clouds.

 Me:  "Come on out, gals... the rain has stopped!"

Goats:  "Couldn't we just have room service?  
You know how we hate getting wet!"

Henrietta:  "The rain gives me the frizzies"

I don't know... maybe I've spoiled them just a bit!

Can you believe it's Friday again?
Today I will be hiking through the woods to retrieve the camera cards from the trail cams.
Check back tomorrow to see who's been visiting our woods.
Oh, I can hardly wait to see!
My life will be complete if there is a bear picture amongst them!


Junebug said...

I hope your sunny skies stay out for the weekend. I'm sure the goats agree! Love the new bracelets!! Best get moving looking forward to the trail cam, bear- oh my!! Hugs!!

Karen L. Bates said...

Can't wait to see the trail cams....yeah, for wild animals.

Missy George said...

I feel as though I should come up and tack a bear picture to one of your trees!!! Hopefully someday all your efforts will be rewarded..Your new bracelets are great ..Hard to pick a favorite..Cute rainy day post.

daisy g said...

Your critters like to do what I do on a rainy day. Snuggle up and listen to the raindrops!

Lynne said...

Like that rainbow . . .
We have been having raining days too . . .
And S . . . Predicted for Thursday . . . Nor easter


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