Friday, October 24, 2014

Houdini Lips

Yesterday afternoon I was in the pasture cleaning up manure

and playing ball with the dogs. 

This is their very favorite game...fetch.

Can't you tell by the smile on their faces?


Oh, I might have failed to mention...Sam doesn't fetch.

While I worked and the dogs ran, I heard the sound of the Porcine Princesses 
from the other side of the fence.

In their very best Piglish, they were excitedly trying to tell me something.

I, the dumb human, just couldn't understand what had them so excited.

And then I heard a very loud "CRACK" from the direction of the porcine palace.
Going up to the horses' dry lot to investigate that sound, I saw this...

Apparently, Moonbeam was so starved that he had to break into the pigs' stall to eat their hay.

"A guy's got to do what a guy's got to do when starving!"

There was nothing for me to do at that time, but to close the door and latch it.

And then I realized that Mr. Houdini Lips...

could actually turn the handle and unlatch the door.

Yep, that old Moonie can use his lips just like fingers.

He can open just about any kind of door!

It takes the hook lock on the top of the door to keep him out.
Somehow he has not managed to figure out that kind of lock!

"Rats!  Foiled again!"

"Looks like I'm gonna starve around here!"

PS:   Later today I am going to get the trail cameras and check for this week's activity.
I know that the camera in the orchard will have at least 42 pictures of Annie,
as she runs in front of it routinely at least twice a day.

Check back this weekend to see who's been visiting our land at night!
Have a great weekend.
We are hosting a bridal shower this weekend with the theme:
"Fall in Love"
Perfect for this time of year!


  1. Cheeky yet smart lol ! Looking forward to see what was lurking in the woods on the cams ! Thanks for sharing cute photos ! Have a good weekend !

  2. Your " Houdini" keeps things interesting!
    Fun post . . . enjoy the wedding shower weekend!

  3. animals are so darn smart! what a great theme for the shower! have fun. looks like you will have good weather!

  4. What a clever boy. Poor piggies, calling for Mama to come quick!

  5. Oh Goodness, that smartypants! It's funny that the piglets were your warning alarm. Enjoy your shower this weekend and i will be checking in for trail cam pics! hugs!!

  6. An American in TokyoOctober 27, 2014 at 10:04 PM

    Maybe you should teach Moonbeam a real trick that he can do with his Houdini lips!?!?


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