Thursday, October 30, 2014

Autumn Walks and Finished Projects

Hubbs and I took the dogs for a walk yesterday afternoon as the sun
descended towards the horizon.

With temperatures dropping, we soaked in the last of Autumn's warmth.
Earlier in the day a band of rain clouds ushered in a cold front...
and with those storms, the land was transformed to the monochromatic
browns that we will live with over the next several months.

Fall color is all but gone from the trees...
the remaining green belonging to pine trees.

The sights have changed.
The smells have changed.
The sounds have changed.

Autumn has wiped the jewel tones from his palette,
and has covered his canvas in burlap brown.

Winter looms in the not so distant future.

But...yesterday....yesterday still belonged to Autumn...
and we squeezed every bit of the season out of the day
as we walked through dry crunchy leaves, listening to the caw of crows...
watching the sun set on the horizon.

We took a few moments to play with the pigs....

And last...before we part,
I wanted to show you what I just finished.
I have spent the past week working on this little owl shawl...

Each little owl has tiny Czech glass beads for eyes (knit right into the pattern).
And although it looks grey in the photos, it is actually blue/grey.
It is knit with the softest 100% Merino wool.

I am planning on selling it.   (Later the same day....and it is SOLD!)


  1. Love the photos, especially the one of you and Hubbs. Beautiful shawl....and owls...why they are so in right now! Thanks for sharing your lovely Fall farm pictures.

  2. The land there looks the same here most of the trees are bare here to but leaves on the grounds . It is to be a sunny mild day for us here the sun is just rising over the valley and it is a bit frosty ! Oh that shawl is cute lovely handy work ! Wonderful photos and video ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  3. Yes! soak up every bit of sun you can. We are gray, gray and gray with rain. It turn from beauty to rain soaked so fast. Yard needed mowing and leaves rake and Bam! the rain moved in. So enjoy every walk you can squeeze in. That shawl is darling and owls are so in. Hugs!!

  4. I love how you squeeze every ounce out of a day.. :) The shawl is awesome!!

  5. The shawl turned out great!! Too cute...Doesn't hubbs know that pigs don't play catch??? I know, yours are different..Cute post!!!

  6. i would love to buy the shawl! i'll send you an email if it is still available! i am loving the weather! we are supposed to get snow on saturday!

  7. Loved the sneak peak of your walk . . .
    Nice SOLD item . . .

  8. The piggies are just too cute! They have such personalities!


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