Monday, September 22, 2014

Weekend Update

Have you ever had a weekend that was over as soon as it began?
Oh....this weekend was crazy busy...
it's Monday already and when I awoke this morning I could have easily believed that it
was still Saturday!

Saturday was filled with a Tyler soccer game...
always fun!

And then Hubbs and I got dressed up and attended a wedding.
Before we knew it, it was Sunday.

Sunday brought farm chores, egg packaging and then a wonderfully fun session
of taking engagement photos for Amanda and her fiancé Tim.

I used a few of the best photos and designed a "Save The Date" card for them...
which I will show when she sends them out.

Our afternoon was filled with a "tasting" by the caterer that we are using for our
June farm wedding.
Yummy, yummy bites of food...again, I will share with you at a later date.
Let's just say we were all very satisfied with the food that was offered.

Saturday evening, a friend stopped by to show us this incredible nest that he had found.

It is a hummingbird nest...
something seldom seen.

The craftsmanship of this tiny nest is like no other.
It's center is filled with the softest downy, almost spongy, layer.
The size of a walnut half, it is woven together with spider webs...
allowing for expansion and contraction when babies are inside.

The spiderwebs are also used to attach the nest to a tree branch.
And then, to camouflage the nest, the hummingbird covers it in green lichens...
making it blend into its surroundings.
Isn't nature amazing?
If that little engineering design is not miraculous, I don't know what is!


  1. Your article is very helpful thank you very much for sharing .

  2. Love the two pictures that you shared. Very imaginative. Tyler is a cutie for sure. I've only ever seen one hummingbird Nest. Quite a find. Happy Monday.

  3. this wedding is very exciting! i have never seen a hummingbird nest before. how wonderful!

  4. That hummingbird nest is amazing! Terri C

  5. Tell your hubs . . . what a wonderful gift!
    Truly . . .
    Now I know exactly what to look for too. Our Hummers must be besting in our Red Twig Dogwood!
    As soon as the leaves fall, I am scoping it out . . .

    I look forward to seeing the Save A Date card . . .

  6. According to a friend in York, PA and who is an avid birdwatcher/lover, she told me that hummers use their nests year after year. So, I'm curious as to how your friend came by this nest. If the branch had actually been broken off or removed some other way. Surely, your friend wouldn't have damaged or broken the branch so they would have a nest to show you ... that would not be right at all. It would seem it is safer to simply "look" but don't "touch" nor "take!" Marcia in CO

  7. Yes, this is true...they do use their nests year after year. I do not know how he came to possess the branch, but I do know that he is an avid nature lover and would do nothing to harm any I am sure it came to him innocently. He did not take the nest in order to show us. We found out that he had one, and asked to see it. The branch and the leaves, although green are dried out and preserved....not fresh.


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