Tuesday, September 9, 2014


If you love taking photos,
then you will agree with me that there is absolutely no light
so perfect as early morning.

Once the sun has risen above the horizon,
its rays are horizontal with the earth making colors the most vibrant.

And so, with the greenest greens and an almost fluorescent rainbow of flowers,
 a cool, sunny morning with my camera is as delicious to me
as a fresh, juicy homegrown strawberry...
a feast for the eyes instead of the mouth.

 If ever you find yourself at a low point in life,
try some form of artistic expression.
You don't have to necessarily be good at your art,
but immerse yourself in it and you will begin to see the world in a whole new way...
and what you take for granted each day will suddenly become alive and vibrant.

I am, by no means, artistic at all.  I have no real creative streak in me...
(and I know that you are arguing with me right now),
but truly, I tend to be a technical person.
I can copy anything...I can follow directions.
But true creativity is a gift that comes from deep inside oneself
and is the ability to express something in a brand new way.
(This is not my gift.)

But, I have dabbled in many forms of "art"...always from a technical point of view.
And each medium has taught me something about the world.
Take, for instance, painting.
Years ago I taught myself folk-art painting...again, not necessarily "creative", but technical.
That experience taught me so much about color.
We tend to look at objects as though they are a single color.
(For instance the rose below is pink, right?)
But, try to paint it as it is, and you will suddenly become aware of all the subtle colors
that make up that object...how the light and shadows come into play giving it depth.

And so it has been with photography.
Traveling through the day, with camera in hand, has given me a deeper appreciation
for the beauty that surrounds me.
It has made me look at everything with a more critical eye...
noticing the minute details...the tiny things that so often go unseen, or un-noticed.
And with that....finding the time of day that brings perfection to the subject.

The quest for recognizing the beauty around me
and the desire to share it with you...
makes me happy.

It's as plain as that.

What else makes me happy?

Happy chickens, and...
fresh, farm-made eggs!

Too good to not share...
last night's moon.
(I love this camera!)

Also...here's Bobby's new favorite "bed."

Have a terrific day... 
take time to really look at the world around you.
It's magnificent.

The green linen apron is sold.  I finished the pink linen one yesterday...it will be posted in the 
Marketplace, as soon as I take official photos of it!


  1. You are so right about that morning light. I think I will bring my camera with me this morning on my daily walk. Yesterday's sunrise was incredible. So grateful I have eyes with which to enjoy all of this beauty. Your farm included! Enjoy!

  2. There was probably never a more 'technical' artist than Leonardo Da Vinci. Love the morning glory pics!

  3. Love the pic of the chickens in the morning sun with the fence and green grass behind them. I'm not a creative person either and you sure brought to my attention all the different colors and texture of the rose with you photo. Your aprons are beautiful!!! Are the flowers on the pockets sewn on separately?

    1. I take a long scrap of fabric and roll it (twisted, actually) and then start to form the rose in the center and sew it down to the fabric of the pocket as I go....it is really a lot of fun to do. I think that this technique is great for woven fabrics that are the same on the top as the bottom, but not for printed fabrics. Linen and flax are perfect!

  4. Beautiful post and gorgeous pictures....you are so talented! The morning glories are fabulous.

  5. What a comforting post. Yes, comfort! I sit here and as I look at all the beauty in your morning pictures I feel the stress of this morning leave. Just looking at color comforts me. Thanks!! Of course those aprons, WOW, love them!! Enjoy your day, I'm waiting for the morning sunrise to enjoy mine, Hugs!!

  6. Oh Bev, how I envy your life. I know it's a lot of hard work, but to live out in the country air and eat everything home grown and have all of those precious critters would just be heaven to me. And you are so talented with the sewing and knitting and cooking, even making bunny fences! Hey, just realized you don't have any bunnies! I had a home on 14 acres and two goats, one had babies. They are very intelligent and fun. We had a few chickens until the fox ate them, they are so dumb. I see where they get the term "dumb cluck" now! I love your photo wig all the chickens sitting in a row! Anxiously awaiting my aprons. You asked me if I was in a rush and I definitely was not. But here you have them done already! I'd hate to see you when you RUSH?!?!?!? Marcy

  7. Sorry comments is acting up for me today lol !
    Wonderful post and photos ! I to was out photographing the harvest/super moon ! Photography and nature make me happy . I love photographing in the light of early morning sun and evening sun ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  8. Artistry is born in many ways . . .
    Like . . .
    chicks in a row, a carton of eggs, flower blossoms brilliant, blue sky, lace sleeve in a pinnie . . .
    And the list goes on . . . you paint a gorgeous picture with your photographs!
    I love my visits with you . . .

  9. Can I ask what kind of camera you have?

    1. Up until this week, I had been using a Nikon digital SLR....and changing lenses between 70 to 300mm, 50mm, macro, and wide angle. Bulky....etc. Just in the past week I have switched to a "bridge" camera by Canon. Canon Powershot SX50 HS. I must tell you....this camera is the most bang for the buck of any I have ever owned. It is smaller than a digital SLR....it does not have interchangeable lenses, but has a fantastic lens that zooms to 1200mm (which in a digital SLR you would need a lens about a foot long and uber heavy!)....it does everything. It is absolutely the most amazing little camera....and still has the manual capabilities of a digital SLR. Plus, it shoots in RAW....so you can do a lot with digital editing. If you are not going to print out poster sized photos, this camera can do everything that you need and more. It also does video. You have the option of using a viewfinder, or a flip-out screen. I give this camera a 9.8 out of 10!!!

    2. Ha! I KNEW that was the same camera. I knew it had to be from the moon shots.

      It really is a fantastic camera. It takes wonderful Macro pics and the zoom is fabulous. We just bought this camera a few weeks ago. Yesterday I took a lot of hummingbird pics with it. I can't wait to take it on our Disney trip!

  10. I could have written this post although not quite as eloquently. I love the lighting in the sunrise and the sunset as well. I also am more of a technical person. I'm pretty good at copying things and following directions if I choose to read them. Your pictures are amazing. I'm so glad you are enjoying the camera. The aprons are darling. I hope you're having a good day. Hugs,


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