Friday, September 26, 2014

Everyone Loves a Treat!

There's an incredible amount of excitement around the compost pile.

A new shipment of kitchen waste arrived yesterday,
and the chickens are just ecstatic!

Every week or two, I bring home five gallon pails full of kitchen scraps
from our favorite local restaurant.
(For those of you who are local...
Espresso Yourself in Newport is just the best little breakfast or lunch spot
you could hope for.)
They prepare wonderful meals from local and organic produce
and we are the lucky recipient of their scraps.

The hens will spend the next day picking through all of the scraps for anything tasty.

We compost all of our own kitchen scraps
(that is, what we don't feed to the hens).
I keep a copper bucket with lid on our kitchen counter, keeping scraps there until the bucket is full.
We line the bucket with these biodegradable "BioBags" that are made from corn.

These bags feel very much like a plastic bag, but do not last a bazillion years like plastic does.
They break down within a matter of weeks.
This company makes trash bags, sandwich bags, and food storage bags also...
from corn.... a responsible alternative to plastic.

We've also started to use these plates when we entertain outdoors.
They are made from tapioca starch and grasses, are ultra thick and durable,
and can be composted in our compost pile.

We are still harvesting apples on a daily basis.

Of course that means that Ginger and MaryAnn are getting their daily apple snack.
They stand at the fence snorting and grunting...
pushing each other out of the way...
in anticipation of that first juicy bite.

Then they each grab an apple in their mouths and head to opposite sides of their yard
to eat them.
They are always so worried that the other one will try to steal their treat.
Chomp, chomp, slurp, slurp... with the biggest open-mouthed display of
chewing and pure gastronomical pleasure.
I am sure they would eat apples until they explode
if I let them!

One of the best things about this time of year is the melding
of summer color with autumn color.
All of the summer flowers are still blooming,
as the green trees slowly turn yellow and orange.

Fall flowers, like purple asters, add to the showy display of the season.
This colorful show is all too tenuous, though...
as it will be snuffed out by the first frost.
Hopefully frost stays away for several more weeks.
We have, though, had one night in the high 30's this week.

It's Friday already...
and Hubbs and I have an adventure planned for today.
I'll have photos to show you on Monday.

Have a wonderful Autumn weekend!
Do you have any adventures planned?


  1. what kind of apples are those that you show? they look like the ones i bought from that kid in ligonier for 5 dollars. they were SO good. he said they were burgundy? we loved them. it is too warm here for me. and dry! no rain in a month and none in the forecast. i think i have to pull my garden out and my mums are not doing well. no matter how much i water, it's not the same as rain. we are off to a pumpkin festival today!

  2. I can't blame them one bit for wanting to keep the apples for themselves. Those asters are amazing! Looks like a beautiful weekend is no tap for you. Can't wait to see what you're up to this weekend! Enjoy!

  3. Espresso Yourself provides beautiful garbage! It would be fun to paint those chicks in the most colorful compost pile I've ever seen.

  4. Thanks for sharing the green bag and plate information. Fall colors are absolutely beautiful. How nice that "espresso your self "gives you their garbage. Have a wonderful weekend. Back in the 80s again.

  5. What a treat your chickens had yesterday.. Mine escaped their yard yesterday and had a marvelous time with new flowerbeds to scratch in. Yes, I left the gate open! Our trees are starting to turn the gorgeous fall colors. I love the golds, oranges & rusts colors! They give me a feeling of warmth & cozy. Enjoy your weekend, Hugs!!

  6. Hooray for compost!!! I'm excited to see several new places around Denver open up to the idea of composting. We were at Denver Intl. Airport last night, and they had separate bins in the bathroom, a trash can and a paper towel bin they announced they ate using for compost.

  7. I had thought to ask Safeway if I could have their scraps for the girls but it would not all be organic so.....

    You are having a beautiful Fall just as we are. I did lose the leaves on my tomatoes but the fruit is doing fine. Slowing way down so I won't see much from now on. I wanted to turn the heat on this morning but didn't. It was low to mid 40's out which is really not that bad.

    Have a fun weekend!


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