Monday, June 16, 2014

Shower Fun

What a spectacular weekend we had.
After a week of rain, the skies cleared and things dried out.

As you know, I spent a good portion of the previous two weeks getting ready for
Ashley's bridal shower.

There were favors to make...
(our theme was "Meant To Bee")
little bags filled with fresh farm honey
and tubes of honey lip balm.

Bee cake to bake...

Wedding cake cookies to bake, assemble and decorate...

Fresh garden strawberries to dip in chocolate...

Mason jars to paint and fill with fresh flowers...

Tiny chalkboards that said "Meant to Bee" and "Bride to Bee"...

A banner to be made....

The pavilion to decorate...




Food to prepare...

Deviled eggs, bean and corn salad, spinach and bacon quiche, onion and mushroom quiche,
fresh farm-made goat cheese and crackers (cheese made by Amanda),
fresh sugar peas from the garden and dip....

Mediterranean tomato couscous salad, roasted vegetable and tortellini salad, 
and teriyaki chicken/zucchini kabobs from the grill...

Fancy drinks and a refreshing summer grapefruit/gin punch...

Lots of food,

good friends and family,

good conversation,

fun and silliness,

and perfect gifts

made for a memorable day.

We are so very happy that Ashley is joining our family this week.
The wedding is Saturday...
so, Part 2 of this post will be in one week.


  1. what a perfect shower. the bee theme is so cute. i was thinking about you because after a rainy week, you had fabulous weather! is the wedding at the farm too?

    1. This wedding is not on the farm, however, next summer we are having a farm wedding here!

  2. Bev - I see your next vocation: Wedding/shower/party hostess! Wouldn't it be FUN to host more of these on the farm? I know, they can be a TON of work, but just think, if you only hosted a very few of them, how FUN that would be! And a little extra income for the farm! You and Amanda have THE touch! From the decorations to the food to the favors - WOWOWOW! Really, you do have the touch. LOVED this post and the pics! Karla from Coal City, IL

    1. Thank you! We will try our first wedding next summer when Amanda gets married on the farm. The plans have already started!!! In fact, there is a craft that I have already begun and will continue on a daily basis until finished.....lots of tiny details to attend to!

  3. It's all sweet, but I am totally in love with those wedding cake cookies!

  4. You had a perfect weekend and what a wonderful job you did,,Love the Bee Theme, Flowers, food..just perfect..A lot of work with outstanding results..

  5. How fun and how pretty everything was.

  6. Everything is just so pretty, lovely such great ideas. I love everything!!!

  7. Everything looks great.. I love the "bee" theme... the gift bags, flowers and banner...just perfect! the food looks delicious too! Blessings!

  8. Perfect setting . . . . Meant To Bee . . . theme . . .
    Love the Bee cake and cookies, (the cake plates too.)
    Charming . . . everything . . .
    and the quiche and salad . . .
    I think you have one more talent in your treasure chest of talents . . .

  9. Wow, what a table setting, love all your little think of everything!! Love the colors and the food looks so fabulous and right out of your garden...everyone is so lucky to know you..ha!

    Can't wait to see the big day!

  10. What a good mom you are. This shower was lovely! I really like those table bouquets in the mason jars. I can't believe your bee cake! That's off the hook!

  11. Looks lovely! Love your theme. We also have a shower and wedding to look forward. My Andrew will be marrying his Ashley this September. They are getting married on a farm! Looking forward to it!

  12. Oh wow! So cute! Everything looks amazing!


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