Thursday, June 12, 2014

Rainy Days and Thursdays

We've had a good deal of rain this week...
scattered storms that seem to have decided not to scatter.

Indoor activities have won out over outdoor chores.

The garden is loving the moisture,
and I am loving not having to water it!

The weeds, however, are loving it even more...
and let me tell you... I'm not a fan.
But growth is growth, and we cannot pick and choose what grows.
So, with the prolific produce comes prolific weeds.

The rain has given me a chance to prepare for this weekend's wedding shower.
I'd love to show you what I have been up to,
but a certain bride might happen to read my blog and so I cannot give surprises away.
You'll have to wait for Monday... no sneak peaks.

I can tell you...
I have been spending most of my time here....

cooking, baking, cleaning up (I need a sous chef!),
baking some more.
 Yesterday I turned the first picking of gooseberries 

and strawberries 

into a yummy jam.

This might just be my most favorite jam ever!
It seems that the gooseberries have enough natural pectin that no added pectin is necessary...
just gooseberries, strawberries and sugar.

As for the weeds...they continue to get bigger and bigger.
The up side to that is... the bigger they are, the easier they are to pull.
Wanna come help me?
I'm serious.


  1. Busy , busy there as always I see ! Oh that jam sounds good ! We had a small rain fall last night with a clap of thunder or two but all the rain clouds seem to be going around us . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  2. Your hands are always busy Bev... Help you pull weeds? Nope, but would LOVE to help make some jam... That would be a real treat for me...
    I love nature after the rain... Everything smells so fresh..
    Have a wonderful week...
    p.s. love your kitchen!

  3. Would love to come help, but Utah is a bit of a drive to your place. So enjoy your blog and all your critters. Please send some rain our way.

  4. Good picture of your kitchen..Looks brand new but I know hours and hours of creative culinary dishes have happened there...Would love to help you weed..Maybe when they get a little taller..:)

  5. Would love to ve that gorgeous kitchen to work in!
    Great to have the rain . . . does more magic than the sprinkler does . . .
    But yes . . . WEEDS galore around here too, keeps me busy . . .
    I look forward to Monday and Shower photos . . .


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