Thursday, June 19, 2014

In Search of Feral Peacock

For the past several evenings,
we have heard the cry of a peacock in the woods
 that separate our house from the barn and animals.

And then, two evenings ago, at sundown, Amanda came face to face
with a beautiful peacock hanging out with the chickens near our manure pile.

Last evening we decided to take a walk in search of said feral peacock.

We let Annie go without a leash...
truly a treat for this pup who loves to track and hunt.

She ran and ran and ran.

While Annie ran and chased anything that moved (including insects),

we walked to our fruit orchard ( the newer one we planted in the past few years).

We were delighted to see that the cherry trees finally have cherries on them...

(Ok, not many, but at least it's a start!)
The pear trees have tiny pears, too!

Annie had a blast running free.

No peacock, however.

Just Sir Elton...crowing his evening song...

We stopped by the pumpkin patch...

The frequent rain storms we have had lately have kept this garden well watered.
The cabbage are getting bigger...

as is the corn and sunflowers...

As for the pumpkins...

I think we will end up with a nice crop!

The most prolific plants of all, however,
are our blueberries.
This year the bushes are loaded with fruit.

Another couple of weeks and we will be harvesting blueberries like crazy! (100 bushes!)

As for feral peacocks...I will keep searching.
Hopefully, one of these evenings I will catch a photo of one!


  1. Look at that garden, WOW!! Mine needs some warm weather to kick start it. You guessed it, I'm sitting enjoying the sun through the window but it's only 49 degrees. Mother nature needs to warm up a little. Annie is sure growing and is a nice addition to the farm. Hugs!!

  2. that pumpkin patch just kills me..i want one just like it!

  3. What a treat for Annie. I bet she just loves chasing bugs and anything else that moved. Sorry you couldn't find the Peacock. Your gardens look like they really love this rain. The blueberries look wonderful. Good luck finding that elusive peacock.

  4. Wow do you ever have blueberries! I love your pumpkin patch, I am a sucker for anything fall. Where is Minerva? Has she been to the spa yet?

  5. Such wonderful gardens . . . amazing results so far.
    I am excited to see the Pumpkin Patch . . .

  6. Hi Beverly,
    Annie looks so happy chasing anything and everything!
    Love the pumpkin patch...


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