Friday, June 27, 2014

How To Eat Like A Pig

We humans use the expression "Don't eat like a pig!" quite often.
do we really know what it's like to eat like a pig.
I am sure that most don't.

So, in order to assure that your education is complete...
I thought I would give you a lesson.

Remember...practice makes perfect.
With a little bit of effort, you will master this technique in no time!

And remember, it's perfectly acceptable to drink out of the pool on a really hot day...

or if you are really thirsty!

And before I forget...I received a comment last week asking if pigs really have curly tails.

Yes, they do...sometimes (but not like a corkscrew, however).  
They have the ability to curl their tails, but like many animals, use their tails to keep the flies away.
So, most of the time their little tail is uncurled and put to good use!

Oh, and I thought you might like to see what I have been up to in my spare time...

I love, love, love leather jewelry.
So, I have tried my hand at making some...for gifts and to sell.
If you are me...and I can give you prices and details.

Enjoy your weekend.

We are having a quiet weekend at home...our first in many weeks.
I hope to attend a public auction on Saturday morning...
and plan to bid on something just perfect for the farm.

Check back in on Monday...
hopefully I will be able to show it to you.


  1. An American in TokyoJune 27, 2014 at 5:21 AM

    Oh thank you so much for the picture and explanation of cutie piggie tails!!

  2. Good Morning. I think you have made me to be more aware if someone is eating like a pig or not..:) I love the bracelets!!

    1. Colleen I emailed you...also the ones in the picture are available with the exception of the double stranded one....that is already spoken for, but I will make more.

  3. Email more info on the bracelets. They are lovely.

  4. Hello Beverly, I read your blog daily and enjoy it so much! I would love some info on your leather jewelry, especially the ones with the green stones. I admire the fact that you try so many things and seem to be good at them all! You are an inspiration!

    1. Thanks Kathy...see below. My life's motto has always been....if someone else can do it, then so can I...unless we are talking about heart surgery or other things that take an inordinate amount of education!!! HAHAH!

  5. The bracelets in the picture are $35...(except the red...$40) The double strand is already spoken for, but I am making more of them. There are three with distressed green with a lovely green stone slice and silver side slides, one with green stone and brass slides and one with a silver owl and green stones....

    I am making two styles of leather bracelets...

    Single, chunky leather....variety of colors, variety of slides/beads...magnetic closure

    Double leather....also variety of colors,slides/bead....hook closure

    Both types can be made in a silver or brass finish depending upon your taste.

    I am charging $35 for basic bracelet (one slide) and just a couple dollars more for multiple slides.

    I can get slides in owl, heart, peace sign, skull, flower, stones, clay beads, letters, numbers, greek letters, etc. So, can make one custom according to your taste.

    Let me know if you are interested and what style, color, type, etc you want and I will make it special....will take a couple of weeks....I have to order supplies when making one special.


    1. Hello again, I would like to place an order.....wondering about the size and I am having trouble using the email link on the side. Help?? Thanks!

    2. email is

      These bracelets are for a small to average wrist. If you need larger, I can make larger....just need wrist measurement in that case.


  6. great looking bracelet bev! i love making jewelry. i know a few people who have mastered the art of eating like a pig!

  7. I wonder if I ever sound like that . . .
    Love your leather bracelets . . .
    Your talents never cease . . .

  8. And now we know how pigs eat. : )
    The leather jewelry is very pretty.
    I love going to auction. Went to one last Saturday.

  9. Hmmmmm . . . Wonder if the surprise is animal, mineral, vegetable or equipment. Can't wait until Monday, hope you win the auction.

  10. Love your piggie tails :)..Good pics too...Yummy cupcakes too..Bracelet...want...
    Enjoy your weekend..Happy bidding..good luck..Hugs

  11. what kind of cupcakes and frosting??? Looks delish!!! :o)

    1. Hawaiian cupcakes with cream cheese frosting....YUMMY!!!

  12. Hi Bev,
    Wow! your bracelets are beautiful!
    MaryAnn and Ginger are so sweet... Did I tell you I had attempted to felt MaryAnn a long time ago? She unfortunately went into the round file... Not as simple as I thought... One day I will try it again...
    If you have a moment, please drop in and meet Abby.. She is my first baby goat..
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  13. Wow, those bracelets are really cool! The girls are so fun! And don't ever show those fantastic cupcakes ever again....they look divine!


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