Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Venturing Out and About

Hey Milroy...

what's caught your eye?

the little gals are venturing out of their coop for the first time!
It's hard to believe that these little chicklets have grown so much in just 6 weeks.

One by one, they peek around the corner and timidly step down the gangplank...

into the WORLD!

And what a big world it is.
A little cautionary word, dear girls...
stay away from Milroy and the boys, ok?

Don't be swayed by their dashing good looks...
these lecherous roosters have nothing good up their sleeves!

I have been doing marathon gardening these past few days.
The vegetable garden is completely finished.
I will give you a tour very soon.
My plan for today is to finish the pumpkin patch.
I have another 2 flats of corn seedlings to put in,
a flat of sunflowers, and a flat of zinnias.

The containers around the garden shed are planted.
Do you see that round galvanized container at the bottom left of the above picture?
It is an old chicken feeder...planted with lavender petunias.
I love old galvanized containers!

The fairy garden is finished for now.

I will let these plants grow and fill in a bit,
before deciding if Fairyville needs more foliage.

Last year I fear that I over planted...
and Fairyville became somewhat of a jungle by August.
I have decided that less is better.

If you are wondering why the fencing over the fairy garden?
It is to keep the barn kitties from using this as a litter box.
What a nasty thing that would be for the wee folk who call this home!


  1. Oh, I love your metal bucket container garden! It looks lovely. Can't wait to see the veggie garden!

  2. less is more, less is more...i need to remember that! i always over plant. you place looks fabulous! i can't wait to see it grow! i have been planting like crazy too. we finally got some good rain!

  3. Fairyville..too cute..Love your shed planters..I hope the chicklets find the outside world fun and friendly..

  4. Those roosters are quite handsome but watch out girls! I got six chicks (not so anymore) turns out I may have two roosters!!! Ugh! I know someone who wants one but I might keep one if he behaves.

  5. I love the green shed, and of course the fairy garden is adorable!

  6. Oh my goodness! This is too cute. I wish to visit, lol....

  7. Wow those chicks have really grown!!
    I love the galvanized containers for your flowers. Everything looks so pretty. Also so neat and tidy.
    I'd love your farm!!!!

  8. Hi Beverly,
    I love your Fairyville! The wire is a very good idea indeed...

  9. An American in TokyoMay 14, 2014 at 11:19 PM

    OMG! Your gardens and everything are so beautiful!
    I just recently found your lovely blog and enjoy it as often as I can. =)


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