Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spring Fever...the Donkey Way

Spring does crazy things to us all!

I am really not sure what was up with Chloe and Daphne yesterday,

when they came in to their dry lot from having pasture time,
they were all wound up.

They kept spinning circles...
nose to butt...

nibbling on each other...

and then trying...


mount each other.

I have absolutely no idea what got into them.
They are sisters, for Pete's sake!

They took turns "riding piggyback"...
and biting each other at the withers.

I have to chalk it up to the presence of Spring
and the fact that it makes us all feel a little wild and crazy!

I spent the day cleaning up garden boxes (more),
raking leaves,
and finishing this slouchy hat.

Colleen:  "Can you please tell me what types of flowers/plants to use in a fairy garden? 
and how to keep them from taking over?? "

The following are pictures of last year's fairy garden.  
I usually use a mixture of tiny plants and larger ones.
Most garden centers have an area devoted to miniature plants.

Some ideas are: varieties of thyme, baby tears, blue star creeper, cranesbill, brass buttons,
rosemary, moss, hens and chicks and small succulents.
In order to keep them small,  it is necessary to prune them often.

I got a little behind in my pruning last year, and my fairy garden
turned into somewhat of a jungle!

This Spring I will re-do it all, as most of the plants were annuals.


  1. Can't wait to see this years Fairy garden...Can you top last years ?? I know you'll try..Mollie was trying to mount Max yesterday..Must be something in the air...Poor Max..

  2. Spring fever I say makes the animals frisky lol ! Lovely fair gardens and like the hat to ! Looking forward to the new fairy garden . Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  3. Your donkeys are darling and in a very wild mood, probably due to spring. Cute fairy garden too.

  4. Silly donkeys . . . I'd say spring fever brought on their craziness big time!
    I am looking forward to your Fairy Garden design, 2014 . . .
    Sunshine and warming temperatures are welcomed by us all . . . indeed!

  5. I am sure that Daphne and Chloe are just like the rest of us..... shouting Hallalujah! Spring is finally here!! I have always heard that donkeys are quite entertaining... I just hope the warmth is here to stay.. Blessings!

  6. Our donkey boys always do that as part of their play time. I don't think it's mounting, per se, just one more way of gaining dominance at play. I've noticed on blogs that all donkeys seem to have a similar play routine that follows the "I get you and then you get me" back and forth.

  7. What a cute fairy garden! That is just over the top! As for the donkeys, well I have two female dogs, Mother and Daughter to be exact, and the daughter does the same thing with her mom....UGH! And the neighbors cows, do this all the time! I don't think they care what gender! LOL

  8. Spring makes us all a little crazy! Love the beautiful hat you are just so talented...where does it end? Amazing!


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