Friday, April 11, 2014

Perfection in a Day

Yesterday was the perfect Spring day.
And believe me, after the kind of winter we had...
I appreciate Spring in a whole new way!

Temps reached about 70 with a breeze,
which made it perfect for drying laundry.

The dogs and I spent a great deal of time out of doors.
We finished cleaning the winter-kill out of the garden area.

Annie is getting more and more used to the sights and sounds of the farm.
Yesterday she met the turkeys.

Surprisingly, she was no frightened or particularly interested in them.

She and Sammy are becoming good friends.
(Oakley is still waiting for her to leave.)

After the garden work was finished, 
I put Annie in her room for a nap and the boys and I went out to visit the rest of our friends.

We stopped by to see Ginger and MaryAnn who were also enjoying the temperate weather.

MaryAnn is such a love...
always flopping down to get her share of belly-rubbins!
(while Ginger just keeps on eating!)

Sammy and MaryAnn shared a moment.

While the horses searched for remnants of lunch...

I sat, surrounded by these two...

I finished a few more pickets for my garden gate...

Patty of "alittlecape" asked:  "I do have a question about your roosters and chickens..... every spring the new chicks arrive but you don't seem to have your own?"

Well, make a long story short...

We tried that several years back...allowing one of the hens to sit on her nest.
Unbeknownst to us, that hen switched nests at one point....leaving her incubated eggs for us to 
grab as we gathered eggs to sell.  Imagine the shock when one of our customers
(luckily a friend) cracked an egg and a partially formed chick fell out.
We have nowhere to sequester a broody hen, except the barn....
so we have opted to just order chicks from off the farm each Spring.
That way, all of our eggs go to market with no worries!


  1. if i cracked an egg and a chick fell out, i would probably drop dead on the spot. what a farmer i would make! i thought for sure the turkeys would freak annie out. she must be loving your place!

  2. Good Morning. Thanks for the lovely visit. Looks like everyone is so happy and content.

  3. I love these question and answer posts...very informative. I just spent a half hour looking back...seems I missed so much. Great posts...always!

  4. I'm such a procrastinator!! I've had everything to start cutting my bunny pickets out fore over a year, shhhhhh, maybe two years! Sure hope I get to it this year. All the plans I have!! Loving how Annie is snuggling in! Hugs!!

  5. Looks like you are getting ready to plant! Annie is darling! We have had Dusty for a year now, and Ducey is still waiting for him to leave!
    Enjoy your Spring weather!
    xo Kris

  6. Although I also can't quite imagine the surprise of finding a half formed chicken in my breakfast skillet, it's considered a delicacy in the Phillipines. They call it Balut: a 15-16 day old fertilized egg eaten in one big gulp, bones and all. They say picking the feathers out of your teeth is the worst part. (Ugh!)
    PS - The photos of Sammy and Mary Ann are priceless! :)

  7. Have a wonderful weekend. Annie is so adorable. It is quite warm out here. Almost 90 this week. All the lovely wasps have made their nests. I walked around my little house with three cans of spray last evening. I do not like anything that flies and stings mulitiple times. 16 little nests....and one huge one.

  8. We had the same weather as you and I too had my clothes drying on the line. : ) I think spring is here to stay.

  9. Your fence is going to be adorable...Annie is really settling in..The garden looks reacy..Things are good..Have a good weekend..Enjoy the temps..50's next week but that's OK..xxoo

  10. Your pickets are fabulous! I can't wait to see the finished fence! So glad Annie is feeling so at home. She is one lucky little pup.

  11. I have a friend who let some of their chickens brood. They always marked the "broody" eggs with permanent marker so that mistakes wouldn't be made...


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