Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Herding Turkeys

Our two bourbon red turkeys, Tom and Chuck, spend their days
patrolling the farm.
For the most part they hang out with the chickens most of the day.

However, if there is any other activity going on,
you can find them in the middle of it.

Every afternoon when I finish the afternoon chores,
I herd the turkeys back to their house and yard,
so that they will be there when the sun goes down.

Herding turkeys after dark is no fun task
and usually requires carrying each 25+ pound turkey back to his house.

Come on....
you can walk along with us...


  1. i really enjoyed doing the turkey crawl!

  2. They do require some patience, don't they? All those races around the country called the Turkey Trot should be named Turkey Saunter. They add so much to your farm.

  3. They have to know what's going on..You'd think they'd help you out by meeting you at the gate each eve..They've got you trained :) animals tend to do to us..

  4. No wonder you don't have enough hours in the day. The leisurely turkey trot back to their pen seems to take Chuck & Tom an eternity. I think I would look for a border collie and train them to round up & herd the boys. Teaching a dog to lock the gate might be a bit tricky, but I have seen them shut & lock gates when herding sheep. Terrible lazy thought, I know, but you have more patience than I do. Do you have to herd the guineas too?

  5. I am ure they are waiting all day to have that little walk and exchange with you, so why hurry?


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