Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Donkeys Have a Visitor

Daphne:  "Hey Chloe...who's that, out in the pasture?"

Chloe:  "Let's go find out!"

Daphne:  "You go first!"

Chloe:  "From where I stand, I'd say she's not from around here."

Chloe:  "She looks a little edgy to me."

Daphne:  "I know...check out her hair!"

Daphne:  "I'm going in for a closer look."

Daphne:  "She seems nice enough."

Chloe:  "She doesn't say much!"

Chloe:  "She seems a bit cold, to me."


  1. Those donkeys are so inquisitive! And your snowy landscape looks spectacularly beautiful.

    Kathy from Tasmania

    1. Ooooooohhhh...don't let the spectacular landscape fool you. We had an ice storm on top of this and life on the farm is rather treacherous right now. I think I need to head to Tasmania!!

  2. Oh soo cute . Loved the photos and post . We had a bad snow storm yesterday yet again we have snow drifts and snow piles soo high it will take a long time for it all to melt . It does look pretty there ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  3. It's been many years since I've visited your blog. So happy to reconnect. These are the cutest series of pics. Enjoy your day. Mildred (formerly of Nalley Valley blog in Georgia)

  4. that snowman looks just like my aunt mary.

  5. te he ... so cute

    I want a burro for my birthday!!

  6. Cute or what!?! Lovely the hair! Love the photo before the last..Inquisitive Chloe and Daphne and the background view is just breathtaking. Thanks as always for sharing.

  7. Too bad she didn't have a carrot for a nose!!! :)

  8. Such an adorable post . . . thank you for the morning smile!

  9. Cute, cute pics this morning! I want to know who made the snowman in your frozen weather? Burrrr!! Stay warm and snuggled in! hugs!!

  10. What a hoot !! Just what I needed at the end of a tough day...Loved it..Waiting for part 2...xxoo

  11. Daphne and Chloe are single-handedly going to force me to move to larger acreage so I can have donkeys!


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