Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Staying Within The Lines

I really cannot complain about the amount of snow that we have.
We actually don't have a lot of inches on the ground right now.

We had about 6 inches on the ground a week ago,
and then we had a day of freezing rain...
which compacted that snow down to just a couple inches.

Unfortunately, the entire thickness is solid ice...
ice that I can walk across and not sink.

Because of the dangers of this ice, I have been keeping the horses 
inside the dry lot.
The front pasture is a treacherous sheet of ice...
and I cannot risk a horse with a broken leg.

As for the donkeys, they have no desire to veer off of the 2 foot wide path
that runs from their house to their food and water.

Back and forth several times a day...

and that's about all they do for now.

I am sure that all of the equines are getting quite bored with winter.
Perhaps next week's warm up will give them a chance to get out and stretch their legs.

Ginger and MaryAnn venture just far enough out of their house for a drink.

And then back in under their heat lamps they go.

As for the turkeys, they are stuck in their house/yard
as their front gate is frozen shut.  It will take a pick-axe to break that gate free.

And though the chickens have the run of the farm,
they prefer to stay indoors...
only venturing out to eat a little scratch in the afternoon "sun."
I have had to redefine the word "sun"...as it is rarely ever out these days.

The goats are also staying on the straight and narrow...
a series of goat berry-lined paths that runs between their houses, their food bowls, and their water.

It seems we are all living "inside the lines" right now!
By the time Spring rolls around, we are all going to be ready to run wild.

Yesterday I picked up Ivanka (barn chicken) to clip her overgrown toenails.
Look who had to join her on my lap...

These two are practically inseparable...
an odd combination...
cat and chicken. 

I suppose they are kindred spirits.

While we were out doing the afternoon chores, Becky and Sid
passed us on their way back from the indoor riding arena.

Sid is so handsome and proud and eager to please.
This off the track thoroughbred has become the perfect eventing horse for Becky.

(In case you were wondering, Sid sweats profusely in the areas that are lighter colored...
making drying him nearly impossible with his winter coat...
so, Becky shaves these areas.
On really cold days, Sid sports a "smoking jacket" that matches Sam's and Oakely's.

Thanks so much for stopping by and checking in on us.
Before you leave, I'd like to show you how my headband turned out....

I enjoyed the first one so much...I've already started another!


  1. Hope you all get some sunshine soon! It must be getting very monotonous for you and the animals.

    You look absolutely stunning in that headband!

    Kathy from Tasmania

    1. Thank you. Yes, we are all tired of gray and cold and icy!!

  2. i love the headband! i just heard that the second half of the month is going to be warmer. teddy has cabin fever. she doesn't even want to go out in the morning which is a first for her.

    1. I sure hope so....I have to say...even I, who generally loves winter, am getting a bit tired of this persistent cold weather!

  3. I want to pin your first shot on my board "Paths". #7...sooo cute. Almost enough to make me go find a burro to rescue, but I think my neighbors would object.

  4. I really have to learn to knit.

    1. Shelley.....YouTube....that's how I taught myself. There are tons of instructions there!

  5. I enjoy seeing your knitting projects. I especially liked the farm girl scarf from yesterday's post. Need to bust out my knitting needles and try to learn how to knit. Spring is coming...let's keep up that mantra, shall we?

    1. You can do it, Candice. Easy as pie....check out how to videos on YouTube. That's how I learned.

  6. I hope it starts warming up for you and all the critters. Ours is melting so that will make my pupsters happy. Love the headband!! I need that for my upcoming weekend on the mountain. Best get those knitting needles out. Stay warm! Hugs!!

  7. You look adorable in your headband!!! Love your farm stories.
    Queen Marcy

  8. The headband is just lovely! I think Ginger and Mary Ann have the right idea and frankly a heat lamp might do wonders for my mood at this point! :)

  9. I was wondering why Sid looked like that lol ! Lovely photos . Nice head band . I am done with winter now as we do have a lot of snow , rally looking forward to spring ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  10. Animalhave been quieted a bit during this chill . . . not their usual "out and about!"
    Love your headband!

  11. I love the headband. Are you going to sell them on Etsy?


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