Tuesday, February 25, 2014

MaryAnn....Looking For Spring

The snow is still with us,
although much of it melted last week...
during our "intermission" from winter.

Intermission is over, however and we are in the second act.
We have jumped right back into another polar plunge.

Here is what MaryAnn has to say about that....

With crinkled-up nose,
she decides to stay indoors...
possibly until the arrival of Spring!

And now for the latest breaking news...
Guess who tangled with a skunk last night?

You got it....Bad Sammy!
And it was a direct hit!
Thank goodness for the handy skunk kit...
it gets used far more often than I would like.

And last...since you asked, Colleen.....
the knitting continues.
Present project: fingerless mits...one done, one to go.
I taught myself to increase on this project.


  1. poor sammy! poor all of you! here comes the next round. we are getting snow tonight. i love your knitting!

  2. Be.Away,Polar.Plunge.MaryAnn.Wants.To.Play!

    A skunk tangle means spring is around the corner!
    Do we really need "stinko" to remind us . . .

  3. oops! i got that wrong. it is snowing here now!

  4. I'm not complaining about our 77 high today...but will want to visit Canada in July, when it's 95 degrees and about the same humidity.

  5. Oh no Sammy that's not a kitty lol ! Our snow is slowly melting lots of grass patches and ice patches to lol ! Loved the video soo cute . The sun has been wonderfully shining here almost every day temps haven't been to bad and the winds calm for a change . I love the sun sets as it sets later and alter each day ! Thanks for sharing hope Sammy gets destinked lol

  6. Oh no, poor Sammy... Actually I should really feel bad for you since you had to bathe him and try to get rid of the smell. LOVE your knitting projects, they turned out great!!

  7. Oh Sammy, Sammy!!!! but a pretty cute picture of you in the shower! Spring is slowly arriving here. We are getting some warm rains and the daffodils are starting to bloom. Just a few have popped open and I snagged them for in the house. Love, love a bouquet of fresh flower on the table!! I hope you start warming soon!!! Hugs!!

  8. I guess that Mary Ann needs more frequent visits since she's decided to be a recluse..And Sammy..what can I say,?? Love your "Mittens"..You've been a knitting fool..Are you going to sell any of those things???

  9. Oooh I love those mitts! I would learn to knit JUST so that I could make myself a dozen pair or so. About Methusalah, you can be excused for not noticing him, because they do loose those dark feathers in the winter and they come back in the new year. At least that is what my Jeremy Fisher does each year.

  10. Oh Sammy, you poor thing :-( As for MaryAnn, she's got a soulmate in my porker Doink. His little squinty eyes plead with me every day to get some warm weather our way FAST!

  11. Poor Sammy! Goodness life is so eventful around there! Love the mittens and the hats...good for you.

  12. I love seeing the many faces of Mary Ann & jazz was just the perfect music to set the her slideshow to, For Mary Ann & Ginger I send this fitting apropo quote. It reminds me of the Ginger & Mary Ann and all the "hibernating" they have been doing inside their shed throughout this unrelenting Winter. I wonder if Ginger & Mary Ann are having thoughts like those in this quote by Ann Morrow Lindbergh, - "Perhaps I am a bear or some hibernating animal underneath, for the instinct to be half-asleep is so strong in me."
    Methuselah is probably thinking of a very different quote by Mark Twain "The news of my death have been greatly exaggerated". All the water fowl down at the pond are still quacking-up over the whole Methuselah thing. At least one species is laughing despite the endless Winter weather.
    There is no quote for Sammy. Sometimes the things that boy gets into just defies words. With one exception this time around - Stinko!!!

  13. The knitting is looking great!!!

  14. Oh Wowzers! I am sooooo impressed... way to go!

  15. Hand warmers are great this time of the year for early morning, sitting at the computer and typing up a post. My sis sent me a pair and I use them daily. You are doing some great looking knitted items!


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