Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Fifty Shades of Gray and White

This is what I awoke to yesterday.

And was I ever surprised.

I had no idea.

After the warm weekend that we had,

I had deluded myself into thinking that the worst of Winter was over.

You must admit...

it is quite beautiful.

Especially when it is someone else's photos, right?

So go ahead,

sit back, with your hot tea or coffee,

in your warm home or office...

and experience winter on the farm...


And though these photos look as if they were taken in black and white...

I assure you...they are in living color.

And the color we are living right now....

is mostly gray

and white!


  1. absolutely gor-jus. I'm glad for your pictures, because I'm very happy with the 81 it's supposed to be here today.

  2. How gloriously beautiful! Terri C

  3. Absolutely stunning photos, Bev...and yes, much easier to enjoy from the warmth of indoors. Stay warm...Spring is just around the next corner (or two...or three).

  4. It has been a long winter ALREADY..but I have to admit I love days like that. So stunningly beautiful. If the sun had come out what a dramatic change to your shots..Wow..but no sun and still awesome.
    Until April 6th to 15th we still have surprise snow storms..ugh!!
    You must be itching to get going on your garden but it is only Feb. ..lol..lol..Keep dreaming.!!!
    We have so MUCH snow!!!

  5. Well I may be posting twice..lol. Got distracted and hit the wrong button. lol
    Love your pictures..so peaceful. Winter is with us for a long time yet. Have to admit I love winter as long as I don't have to travel to far..lol
    I am sure your itching to work on your garden.

  6. I agree beautiful! But I know you are out doing chores in the snow. Hopefully they go fast and all the tails are snug and warm. So enjoy the view with a cup of hot tea and a fire going. You don't have to go back out until evening chores, ha-ha!!! Hugs!!

  7. Stunning. I used the 7th picture for my office computer background to remind me there is a real winter somewhere....just not here in Northern California....I do not want to jinx our forcast for this weekend...so I will not speak of it.

  8. I just love the green sheds....and even the sign. They show up so pretty in the pictures!

  9. It's absolutely beautiful around here...I was a little surprised to see that my pictures looked B&W as well..The sun has come out today bringing with it some color.Warmer temps seem to bring on the snow and ice..Lets hope for the best.. .More on the way..

  10. just go 9 inches yesterday , more is on its way tonight and the effrontery of the weatherman predicting more for Sunday.... Yes it does look beautiful but am staying put inside listening to books on tapes....

  11. Beautiful photos!! Although I live in North Carolina, I'm a Yankee at heart and always will be. My family is from Northern PA and MI so I guess you could say I have Yankee blood flowing through my veins. These pictures are home!

  12. Indeed the winter weather has been crazy! Still winter photos are stunning. Hoping that as we stare at the photos from Florida, that you are staying warm too.


  13. Beyond, beyond, beyond dreamy!!! What incredible photos, so amazing! love, V

  14. Lovely, beautiful, gorgeous winter photos . . .

  15. Beautiful photos Bev!! But like you said, I'd rather just look at them than experience the real deal. Everything shuts down here if we get snow. Heck, school was cancelled once and delayed several times just because of the cold!!

  16. What beautiful photos, your donkeys are lovely.


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