Monday, January 20, 2014

Winter Remains

We awoke to freshly fallen snow both Saturday and Sunday...
and much colder temperatures.

the perfect setting for a quiet, low-key weekend.

Sunday morning, Hubb, Amanda and I did the chores together.

It's amazing how quickly the morning work is completed

when there are three of us working!

Can you tell who was standing out in the falling snow?

With plenty of shelter space available, you'd think they'd have enough 
sense to stay under roof!

But, no.... the snow doesn't seem to bother them in the least...
their furry winter coats acting as tremendous insulation.

Naturally, the turkeys followed us wherever we went.

The goats enjoyed our presence....Ritz crackers were doled out generously.

Poor goats...they are awfully skinny, aren't they?

Ok, kids....get in line....

Chores were finished in short order and we headed out on
an early morning adventure.
We drove to State College...home of Penn State,
for breakfast with Amanda's Tim, who is there pursuing his MBA.

We were back home on the farm shortly after noon,
cooked a big pot of bison and root stew,
and spent the rest of the day in front of....

doing this...

Oh, how I love Sundays!!


  1. What a perfect winter day. Hope you have many more like that!

  2. I love days like that . . . sweet little afghan you have made!

  3. how perfect! your knitting is beautiful! i wish i could say the same about mine!!!

  4. A perfect winter weekend . Lovely photos . Snowing on and off here to .Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  5. We probably had an inch or less.... Love the red light glowing from the chicken coup/shack. They must be cozy in there.

  6. I always love how the turkeys keep you constant company during chores. Snow is going to be our constant companion also ..oh well it is winter. Great pictures!
    Back into the deep freeze for us this it going to be cold for you as well?
    Keep warm..glad you had another great weekend! We need those peaceful times.

  7. I think I like snuggled in front of the fire best!! I always think snow is so pretty but, Yikes, those roads! I'm glad you made it safe and sound. I traveled over the mountain pass to Central Oregon over the weekend. The pass was 57 degrees. Our ski resorts are hurting here, no snow! Take care and stay warm, Hugs!!

  8. A perfect day....glad you enjoyed your weekend.

  9. Shame on you for starving those poor goats.

  10. Looks like a peaceful Sunday..Whatcha knitting?? I'm thinking about knitting legwarmers...Should be easy to do..
    Have a good week..

  11. What a beautiful way to spend the day. Thanks for sharing it with us. It makes me smile to know that the goats favorite treats are Ritz crackers :-)


  12. What great the Turkeys...


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