Tuesday, December 10, 2013


A frozen crust on top of Sunday's snow made morning chores
a bit treacherous yesterday.

Although I love the look of our farm in the snow,

the ice makes animal chores a little more complicated.
Even the chickens skate across the top of the ice.

Accomplishing chores without falling is a slow and careful process!

All of the four legged critters decide to stay under cover...

with room service delivered to them.

Surprisingly, Ginger

 and MaryAnn brave the snow and ice,

 to visit with the dogs and me for a few minutes

before heading back in for fresh hay and a warm nap.

I love this time of morning, just after dawn,

when the land is wrapped in soft shades of blue.

Everything is peaceful, quiet...
that is until Tom and Chuck start gobbling their protest at the ice!


  1. room service...haha! you got the dreaded ice! it missed us. it is snowing here now!

  2. Wonderful photos ! I looks pretty . Have you ever seen the metal strap on ice grippers for your boots , they work good for icy conditions my sister wears them around her barns on icy days and for taking her dogs for a walk . I will be investing in some soon so I can get out and feed my birdies and take Miggs for walks with out ending up on by butt lol ! Thanks for sharing ! Have a good day !

  3. Oh, it looks SO cold - but beautiful as well. Ginger and MaryAnn are very brave pigs. My Doink hates having his little hooves hit the snow!

  4. Oh how pretty but, Oh how treacherous!! The animals are smart to stay inside on a icy morning. They have predicted frozen rain for us before it warms up. I believe we are going on day 14 with temp in the low twenties and teens. Certainly not our normal! Let's all stay warm and snuggled in!!!

  5. Yesterday morning as I trudged out to tend to the chickens in the 40 degree chill, I thought about those like you, who do this in the snow. My hat is off to you. It is hard to do this in the cold!!!
    xo Kris

  6. Dear Bev pls don't fall. We have had weather as low as 4 degrees since it snowed which is unusual in Southern Oregon. I dread going out but love seeing the animals faces and their affection for me as always. Have warm water buckets will travel.

  7. I'm with Tom and Chuck..Mollies long walk had to wait until later in the day..She went bounding through the ice..Crazy dog..I had to put a stop to that...We got almost no snow today..Hope yours is a warm and safe one..

  8. Your farm does look stunning in the snow. But I bet it is careful as she does it while giving room service. LOVE the photo of the donkeys looking outside. (I've a donkey on my Christmas wish list and a rooster)
    Love Leanne

  9. Your farm looks as if it's had a blanket of serenity placed over it. Lovely winter-ish photos. I hope you'll share these at the Maple Hill Hop. Stay warm!

  10. Everyone looks wonderful in your photos now that there is the contrast of white snow serving as the backdrop. Funny how some people & animals find the cold snow invigorating and others detest it. Tom & Chuck look especially nice with their feathers bouffed-up for insulation against the cold. Their feet naturally equipped with snowshoe claws. Ginger & Mary Ann would weather any conditions for a little attention & socializing. Those girls are always so happy to see you no matter what the weather is. I am not surprised to Daphne & Chloe pampering themselves indoors, believing they are far too dainty to go out in such cold & wet conditions. They are such Princesses (even sans tutu).
    Take care in the ice. We do not need the blogger to do any unintentional skating acrobatics while performing chores.

  11. Stay snug & warm.... Ho Ho Ho...

  12. Looks like you are under the white blanket too!


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