Tuesday, November 5, 2013

You'd Think They'd Learn!

It's been coming for some time now.
Yes, Sammy is back in his "bad boy" collar again.

On occasion, Sammy turns a deaf ear on us and stops listening.
He stays out late...goodness knows where he goes,
and usually he comes home wreaking.

Friday night (before Saturday's early departure for the Penn State game)
Sammy came home after an hour of us calling, calling, calling...
at midnight.

"Tap-tap-tap" we heard at the back door.
As the door opened, our senses were assaulted by the intensely acrid
stench of skunk.
Apparently, Sam had tangled with a skunk.
I have no idea what shape the skunk was in at the end of this,
but I am pretty sure he unloaded all of his stink glands right onto Sammy...
direct hit in the face and chest and shoulders.

Hubbs grabbed our skunk kit and headed for the shower with Sammy in tow.

Hence....Sammy is wearing his "pager", so I can call him when he needs to come home.

These lovely autumn days we have been hiking our woods

checking our "No Trespassing" signs.

It's something we do each autumn right before hunting season

to keep hunters out of our woods.

Hiking the woods is one of the dog's favorite activities.
Sadly, Maddie is too arthritic to come along, so we take a short walk with her first...
and then head out with just the boy dogs.

They love to run through the woods with their noses to the ground,
following the scents of critters.
Having Sammy's "pager" on him helps to get them back to us without hassle.
You will be happy to know that I only "beep" him and he comes...
no need for a shock.
He's a smart boy...
just having the collar on automatically makes him behave.

In case you are interested in the contents of our skunk kit...

hydrogen peroxide
baking soda
dish detergent
baby shampoo

First we spread a handful of Tecnu on the dog (dry) in the area he was sprayed.
Then we mix a quarter cup of baking soda with a liter of peroxide and a tsp. of dish detergent.
We use this to bathe the dog...covering him with the entire amount.
Lather all of that into his fur.
Repeat the bathing if necessary.
Then wash entire dog with baby shampoo and rinse.

This routine always works for us...
and believe me this is a 2 - 4 times per spring and fall routine!

*Tecnu is a skin cleaner made to use after poison ivy exposure, or radiation exposure, etc.
We have found that it helps to break down the skunk spray.
Even without the Tecnu, the above concoction works quite well.


  1. Thanks for the skunk kit list. Have not needed one yet, but it's only a matter of time most likely. No hunting in our area either!

  2. Oh dear Sammy have you been a bad boy not listening ? Miggs has been put back on her electric collar as she suddenly seems to forget where her boundary is and is selectively deaf to our calling her and I found her in the field beside us lol and of course deer ticks are bad this year so we dealt with that after . Yup the do try don't they lol ! Lovely photos you have a beautiful property looks like the dead end road over the old bridge that has forest on either side and a river on one side here ! Thanks for sharing ! Have a good day !

  3. Thanks for the tip Bev! So far our dogs have not tangled with a skunk, but Savvy loves to roll in foul, disgusting things. I might use your kit for her. :-)

  4. The 'pager' worked the very first time one of my dogs tried to eat our cat. After that, it took only the beep and she quit even entering the same room with the cat. I spent a boat load of money on something we only used a total of 3 times. Wish they could be rented!

  5. AWWWhhh, Sammy, what a naughty boy! I am glad Mommie has a special collar for you now.

    I have an electric collar for Dash but he doesn't need to wear it all the time but every so often I can tell he needs to wear it again. Dogs are smart.

  6. Sammy, Sammy, what do we say. That adventurous nose sure can get you in trouble. But in your defense even Jazi met a skunk in our fenced in yard in town. P U!!!

  7. Oh Sammy!!! For shame!! My chocolate lab used to corner animals in the grove and try to bark them to death. He once dared to do this to a rattler, and it b@
    it her on the top of the head. Her head swelled like a balloon. She nearly died. Had surgery and a shunt put in her head for me to administer meds. It was awful. But no skunks....PEEE-U!
    xo Kris

  8. I have all the ingredients except Tecnu..Frequently there is the odor of skunk in the air and Mollie has her nose under every bush..Some day...and yes, I need only to put Mollies collar on her and ,at the most, beep her..She knows!!

  9. This is my skunk recipe too! Except for the tecnu. Never heard of that actually. But my CAT seems to get it from a skunk at least once sometimes twice a year. This concoction works like MAGIC! Although I did find out that you have to use this mixture on a DRY animal first! DO NOT WET THE ANIMAL DOWN and then use the mixture. DOES NOT WORK. LOL.

  10. Fabulous information about the skunk kit! I'd love for you to share this on the Maple Hill Hop today!

    What gorgeous fall color you have there! I have leaf envy!


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