Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Scenes From An Autumn Day

Early Autumn in our neck of the woods...

The corn is dry... the leaves are changing... the grass remains green...

all under the bluest of blue skies!

I took the above pictures on my way to the feed store yesterday.
Running errands is like being on vacation...
I honestly cannot imagine it more beautiful in Tuscany or Provence.

It's been a while since I have given you an update on these guys...

Sadly, we are down from 18 to just 10.

They continue to roost at night in the huge, old pine tree outside the barn.

During the daytime, they spend most of their time hanging out near the chickens.

Most days, if you find the turkeys, you'll find the guineas...

which is good...
because they spend their days eating bugs...
and the more insects they eat here on the farm, the better!

It looks as if the roosters have finished with their pumpkin carving project.
You can most definitely detect a large mouth, and two tiny, beady eyes...
otherwise... a lot of freckles, or a really bad case of acne.

Forgive me for repeating how much I love this time of year!
Right now we still have the best of summer's beauty...

accompanied by the splendid colors of Autumn.

I removed the blossoms from one of our hydrangeas
(another autumn favorite!)
and placed them in a basket on the front door.
They've dried nicely and will stay until the winds and rains have their way with them.

By that time it will be time to decorate for Christmas!
Can you believe it?
Is it me, or is this year flying quickly by?


  1. this time of year just shoots by for me. your area looks beautiful and the colors are way ahead of ours. i have beautyberries too. do your spread? mine are trying to take over a whole area.

  2. Lovely photo of your drive to the feed store. It's those views I miss the most since we left Virginia. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Living west of Austin, I miss having trees that change colors in the Fall. Thanks for sharing the beauty of your farm!!

  4. Fly, fly away time!!! Doesn't it know I need more of it! Your Fall colors are gorgeous. My bucket list is your part of the US in the Fall. Don't worry, for I will hunt you up when I make that trip.LOL! Hugs!!

  5. I agree, the years just fly - and I have my dried hyrdangea in a flower crate and vase in the dining room, might also try your door version.

  6. It goes quickly because the seasons are shorter?? Summer lasts forever. Often there is no Spring and very little fall...This time of year is the best!

  7. I am sooo laughing out loud at the roosters' carving... Total Picassos you have there.

  8. What is the purple berry?

  9. Time is flying way too fast!!! Beautiful photos!
    xo Kris

  10. Fall is upon us and I want it to slow down...seeing Christmas out at the stores is really aggravating me this year for some reason. Enough already!

  11. That purple berry is called Purple Beautyberry. It is just gorgeous in the fall!!!

  12. Thank you so much for sharing the beauty of your world. I just love this time of year too! Sorry to hear you've lost some guineas.

  13. I love this time of the year . . . too . . . repeating.
    I love this time go the year!

  14. Fabulous! Love those purple berries! Great door with the Hydrangeas!


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