Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Protecting the Divine

I walk outside in the morning, 

bathed in the light of the rising sun
and I come alive.

The earth reaches up to support my soles,
and in doing so, stirs my soul.

My skin is kissed by the gentle breeze that gives dry leaves flight,
and I humbly thank The Divine for another day.

Farm visitors ask, when I recant my list of daily duties,
if there isn't a day that comes along when I wish I could just stay in bed.
And I say "no".

For it is in the moment that I walk out the door and greet my world that I feel most alive.
Knowing that there are countless souls awaiting my arrival each morning
gives me purpose.
Food may be first on their agenda, but they always honor me by pausing a moment
to commune.
In a moment of reverence and thankfulness, we touch, we breathe in the scent of each other, we nuzzle...

and then they eat...
and I continue on my way.

Every morning is exactly the same in its wonder-fulness
and completely different in its subtleties.
And through all of it I am touched by the glory of life on earth...
fully aware that I am surrounded by The Divine.

In a time when the world "out there" is so broken...
so out of touch...
so lost...

I can't help but think that if I could take each and every person along with me
here in my world...
that they might see what I see and feel what I feel...
that maybe, then, they might want to work toward change...

I can't help but believe that so many just need to have their eyes opened
to the tangible divine-ness that exists in our world...
away from all of the distractions...
those unimportant things that have somehow been made "important".

How could you immerse yourself in the beauty of this world,
and not want to protect it,
improve it
 nurture it,
save it,
for generations to come...
so that they, too, can touch The Divine.

Obviously, not everyone in the world can live surrounded by nature.
Not everyone can go back to the land.
Not everyone can farm.

Each and every one of us can, however, "do the right thing" in our lives
to make this world a better place...
in all of the small ways...
in all of the big ways...
in every choice we make...
in the policies we enact.

All of our actions cause a ripple in the world....
a ripple that grows.
Can't each of us start a positive ripple?

Let's start by remembering how divine our world is...
and let's take the very best care of it... all of it.


  1. It is my dream to live like this. I'd love to grow more food than I do now, have more animals than I do now, have a log house in a beautiful area and just enjoy the simplicity of it all. I do believe you are right. If everyone would take an interest we would be so much better off. That's why I recycle everything I can and I pick up trash that isn't even mine. Every piece makes a difference.

  2. Hello,
    your blog is where I go when things get out of hands at the office...
    I believe you know you live in paradise ?
    friendly greetings from switzerland

  3. All that is left to say is, "Amen". Nature is a sure way to commune with God.

  4. do think you could arrange a day on your farm for obama and boehner?

  5. Ahh divine!! Each and everyone extending a hand to help! hugs!!

  6. Such a beautifully written post Bev, and so true.

    Your farm is like a little piece of heaven to me.. I so enjoy visiting here.. Thank you!

  7. Amen, this is such a beautiful prayer, I hope everyone listens. Thanks.

  8. What a beautiful post - it makes me calm just seeing those pictures and reading your words. I hope you don't mind if I share it. What a haven you have there!


  9. Beautiful pictures and words. Makes me miss the farm I was brought up on. A small leaf fell in my book when I was outside reading, it was so perfect I had to put it on my blog. Love the face on your big black puppy.
    Nancy Jo

  10. As I read your post, Obama is in the background hammering away at the Republicans..Wouldn't it be wonderful if they could see things the way you do?? Congress needs to come to the farm and learn how to get along..

  11. Oh yes oh yes oh YES, I'm with ya, girl.

  12. So very well said!! I love this post. If only everyone could see the world through your eyes. God bless you.


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