Monday, September 9, 2013

Recipe For A Perfect Day

Perfect Day....A Recipe


3 children, who have never seen a farm...ever.
blue skies, storybook clouds
acres of grass to roam
woods to explore
farm animals to touch...dogs, cats, pigs, goats, horses, etc.
vegetables to harvest
farm gator for exploring

Combine first three ingredients and mix slowly and carefully.

Add a dash of dog and gently fold into farm gator.

Slowly add a pinch of pig and allow mixture to rest.

Add one cat and slowly stir.

Allow ingredients to meld and mingle to intensify the flavors.

Bake at about 78 degrees for several hours.
Serve immediately to enjoy the smiles and squeals and laughter.
As your creation bakes, it will become rich with experience,
filled with wonder and appreciation.

We were lucky to have three young farm visitors on Sunday.
Aleel, Arkal, and Amerie came to spend the day on the farm.
These three youngsters had never been to a farm or seen farm animals before.

They started their visit a little timidly, but quickly came to understand that nothing
would hurt them.

They each gathered enough courage together to feed treats to all of the animals.

The learned a little about where some common foods come from...

like apples off the tree, grapes off the vine, carrots out of the soil, and eggs from the chickens.

They were pushed beyond their normal comfort zone,

but by the end of the afternoon were running and doing cartwheels with reckless abandon.

It was so much fun to see the farm through the eyes of children just discovering
something so new and magical for the first time!

Everyone should experience the simple pleasure of skipping a rock
across a pond for the first time!

It was a magical day... even MaryAnn agrees!
But then guests always make a day special for the pigs.


  1. wow..what a fabulous experience for the 3 cute kids. something they will never forget!

  2. Beautiful!

    Kathy from Tasmania

  3. How sweet, and what cool kids. You made them into farm and animal lovers in no time!

  4. Beautiful! I love doing the same here...opens my eyes to see the beauty and wonder on our farm! ~Kim

  5. what a wonderful post...a different view point, a different angle..good for reflecting on and using elsewhere in our lives...thank you

  6. Great day for Aleel, Arkal, and Amerie . . . bet that memory will stay with them forever!

  7. I LOVE this post Bev! It must have been such a great experience to watch these children discover what a magical place your farm is. I bet it'll be an adventure they will never forget!

  8. I'm wondering who had more fun, the kids, you or the animals? I'm thinking everyone, a perfect day! Hugs!!

  9. I would have loved to had been there to see their reactions. MAGIC at it's best.

  10. And you were well within your comfort zone providing memories never to be forgotten, exposed to things never, ever seen..What a wonderful recipe!!
    What a magical day it had to be for them...Ya done good!!

  11. What a wonderful day for you all ! Cute photos ! I bet they will always treasure their day at the farm ! Thanks for sharing ! Have a good day !

  12. What a memorable experience you made possible for those kids.
    It is easy to see that you love being able to share the land you live & work on, the lifestyle of a family farm & all the creatures that complete your life. Whether the visits are a few hours or a few days, you offer a unique experience that allows people to develop new impressions of what it like to live & work on a farm. Thank you for all you do to educate & expose people to a different way of life. It takes a gifted teacher to teach the lesson and have the "students" say that they were just having fun. Your family & all of your delightful animals are natural teachers & that is a gift.
    Each of us can change the way we understand & relate to the World, but only if we are given the opportunity to experience all that is new & unfamiliar. You know the experience has been a success when shy stranger departs as an enthusiastic & enlightened friend.
    Your recipie is perfect.


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