Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Morning Romps

With cool mornings comes renewed energy that Summer seems to drain from all of us.

Everyone kicks up their heels in the moist morning air.

Racing around the pasture, expending pent-up energy...

before settling down for the task at hand...


While the horses graze, the donkeys continue the fun and games.




(poor Chloe looks like she just got a sucker punch!)

nothing serious...
it's all a game.

Eventually, calm returns to the pasture...

the entertainment is over...and I get back to chores.

Look what I happened to find in one of the flower boxes in the garden...

All summer I have wondered where those crazy guineas were laying eggs.
It seems this is one spot.

Our guineas have historically been very poor parents,
so I swipe these eggs to use in a display basket in the house.
Age unknown, I am not risking eating this clutch.

Lastly, I wanted to show you a project that I just finished.

I found this vintage shopping cart in a local antique market.
It was skeletal and needed a bit of dressing up,
so I constructed this bag to line it.
The beauty of these rolling carts is... they fold flat for storage!

Oh, if I lived in a town or city, I would definitely use this
for shopping!
It could also be a laundry basket.
I am hoping, instead, to sell it.


  1. Love how the conks wake up so energized in the morning. LOL. Sure love to play.

  2. it looks like the donkeys are enjoying the cool weather. teddy stays outside all day now. that baskets is wonderful! they were selling similar ones at the country living fair lined with oil cloth.

  3. I too have way more energy in this weather..I feel better..Love your basket..There were a bunch of them over in the older appts lobby :)
    Enjoy your day!!

  4. There is definitely a nip in the air! Love the way those two play, too cute! Yes, I think I might find some eggs hidden this fall as well.

  5. Oh,I love that shopping basket! I have an old french woven shopping basket. It has a liner but I've procrastinated far to long about making a new fresh one. You've inspired me to it in gear! Hugs!!

  6. The cooler temps are making me giddy too!!!
    I find eggs in the grove from time to time. And also a time or two in the garden. Silly girls!
    LOVE, LOVE your market basket and all dressed in her new perky cotton finery. I wish I had an extry 150 laying around, or I would snatch it up post haste!!
    xo Kris

  7. I love my little shopping cart, identical to yours. I use it at the bulk food store, and when I go to the Farmers market. It's so handy!

  8. I love my little shopping cart, identical to yours. I use it at the bulk food store, and when I go to the Farmers market. It's so handy!

  9. Love the morning kick up your heels moves with the kids . . .
    I am sure they are saying yay to the day!

  10. Wonderful photos ! Our weather here has been just awesome . sunny warm days with cool breezes . refreshing evenings and chilly nights and dewy fogy mornings I love it ! I do like that shopping cart very pretty . Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !


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