Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Special Day With Zoe

I spent the day, yesterday, with a special young lady...
a delightful ten year old, named Zoe, whose vocabulary rivals most adults';
and whose enthusiasm and zest for life and all of its beauty is a wonderful thing to experience.
She is the most appreciative youngster I have ever encountered...
a very rare gem.

She came to spend a special day at the farm...
an entire day filled with farm chores and animal care.

She arrived at 6:30 AM in her overalls, ready to work
And work she did!

We did the usual farm chores...
animal feeding, watering, manure clean up,
and then set about to accomplish all that she had on her mental "to do" list for the day.

Besides spending time with all of the animals,
she hoped to...

pick vegetables in the garden...

feed carrots to the pigs...

practice her photography...

hold a butterfly...

bath a horse...

collect eggs...

and hold a chicken...

simple, everyday farm joys,
that become life-long memories for a ten year old!

She helped Amanda and I prepare a garden fresh dinner...
fresh guacamole and Mexican lasagna, filled with the vegetables we had earlier harvested.

This is one of my favorite things about farm life:
sharing it with children.

Children remind us to slow down,
to take it all in,
to savor it.

The beauty of the farm is that it gives children a chance to really
experience nature and sink their teeth into it.

Nothing compares to the smiles worn from ear to ear during their visit!
Thanks Zoe for a super fantastic day!!


  1. what a pretty girl and such a hard worker too. she seems to be a natural born farmer! will she return?

  2. What a lucky girl to spend the day on your farm!

  3. She truly does look like a gem of a child. What fun for you and for her too to be able to spend a day filled with quality time on the farm. xox

  4. She's adorable, enjoyed her visit through your post! Terri C

  5. What a special young girl!

    I'm so glad she got to experience a day on your farm. I know she will remember that and will treasure it the rest of her life.

  6. Wonderful . . . for Zoe and the entire Bee Haven clan . . .

  7. Oh she is a darling looking girl. Reminds me of Shirley Temple.

    Nice happy smile and beautiful locks. Also reminds me of my oldest Granddaughter at that age.

    Always happy and loved to get her hands into the love of theings.

    Everyone who enters your home must feel the peace. I enjoy your blogs.

    Beautiful takes.

  8. Tears in my eyes.
    I miss our farm for this and especially now around fair season.

  9. How awesome - she looks right a home :)

  10. What an adorable and lovely child!

  11. What an utterly beautiful girl - both inside and outside! I love the picture of her with the pig and cat. And what a wonderful day for both of your.

  12. She's such a cutie...Another little Bee Haven Maven in the making...It has to really warm your heart to have all that you do to share with a child..Sweet post..

  13. Thank you so much for opening up your heart and home and making a difference in the life of this precious one day. She loved the experience and couldn't stop talking about her day, despite being totally exhausted on the ride home.

    I can't thank you enough for being a postive influence on respecting mankind, animals, and the environment. Amazing how we can make a difference-- even when our lives are so busy-- by just taking a little show interest...listen...laugh...appreciate...and learn.
    God bless,
    Grateful Grandma!

  14. What an adorable farm hand! Weren't you lucky to have such a good helper! Zoe looks like she had a fantastic day.

  15. She just adorable and I can see she loved every minute of it! YAY, Auntie Bev! Great job and I bet her Mom loved all those adorable pictures of her!

  16. I'll bet she was one tired girl when the day was over. But I think she must have learned so much. Farming is so different to so many people. They have no idea what it takes to be a responsible farmer these days. It makes me feel so good that you love the children on your farm . What a learning experience for each and every one of them, Bravo!

  17. How sweet is that? Looks like you found yourself a wonderful farmhand!

  18. What a delightful young lady!! --and she's beautiful !!!

  19. I love the pictures of Zoe.this was
    a great experience for Zoe.I,m her great grandma Teter.


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