Friday, July 26, 2013

Week's End

It's the end of a perfect week...
the best weather of the summer, so far!

So much was accomplished around the farm this week.
The mowing and trimming are done.

The horses and donkeys have all had pedicures.

Everyone is happy and healthy... enjoying the cool!

I love these days...
It's as if the farm is on autopilot.
Even with all the work that has to be done,
there is a certain rhythm...
the days just hum along...
the animals all secure in their routines.

I love this calm, this peace.
It's a great note on which to end the week.

I saved a few pictures from the week for you...

I just cannot get enough of these two...
although in this picture Moll seems to be glaring at me!

We have no weekend plans...
just a little work in the garden.

Maybe we'll spend some evening hours relaxing in the garden...

watching the sun set and the moon rise, while the solar lights
twinkle happily all around!

A drive through the countryside would be great.
It's always fun to visit the neighbors!

Here's hoping your weekend is everything you need it to be!

We'll chat again on Monday,


  1. So happy for you that you are in a good place. I would love to pin that first pic. It's so serene...
    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. i sure am enjoying this weather! looks like we will get rain this weekend. hope you have a good one! my son told me yesterday that he read that cats like to lay on pigs because they are warm. who knew?

  3. Everyone appears to be contented with life on the farm. Maybe it's the lower humidity. At least here it is, and it makes us all a bit less cranky. Enjoy your week-end and sending strong vibes for some great weather!

  4. Sounds like a wonderful weekend for you - no plans! Enjoy every second like I enjoy every second I get to spend on your blog. Love kitties, sure wished they loved my eyes and nose aaaachooo! Hugs!!

  5. Have a beautiful weekend even though there is a prediction of spotty showers..You get those..we don't..Enjoy

  6. Our heat wave is almost out here too. A week of 78-80 degree days & cool nights predicted. It will be a welcome relief after so many days above 90. Hope you enjoy your weekend. It's so nice when you can just stay home, kick back and are committment-free.
    Moll looks like she is saying "Back yourself up Lady. Mary Ann is my piggy and 3's a crowd at this slumber party".
    Enjoy your weekend.

  7. Looks idyllic. The animals look so content they echo the calm you emote in your post. Le sigh.

  8. Have a wonderful weekend Bev.
    Isn't it wonderful our hot spell is over!! Now we can enjoy life with our farm friends.
    Wonderful peaceful pictures tell how much our farm friends are also enjoying the change in the weather.
    Love the twinkle lights.
    Your pictures on Facebook last evening gave me a

  9. The weather reprieve was a "perfect gift" here in Michigan too! Enjoy the weekend . . .

  10. What a wonderful and calming post. Love that everyone is happy and healthy, that's the best. My guy got a pedicure this week too :) Enjoy the weekend and thanks for stopping by my blog.



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