Monday, May 6, 2013

Out On A Limb (Part 2)

"What happened to the groundhog?"

It was mean of me to make you wait....sorry.

Several hours later I headed back to the barn to check on our little furry "treehog",
and found him/her hanging like this...

obviously exhausted.

When Hubbs arrived home from work, we decided that we had to rescue our
little furry friend.
It just didn't seem right to leave him in a tree...exhausted and frightened.
So, Hubbs donned his quilted camo suit, fireplace gloves, and a paintball helmet/mask
and headed out to the barn for the extension ladder.

Of course I was armed with my camera.
Preparing ourselves for all of the potential outcomes, 
we discussed that if the groundhog attacked Hubbs during the rescue, 
he would obviously have to drop him (and perhaps the groundhog might be hurt).

But then, again, if we did nothing, he might be hurt also, right?

Hubbs leaned the ladder against the tree,

and before I could even get my camera ready, 
our furry friend leaped from the tree, somersaulted in the air, hit a branch,
(which helped to break his fall)
landed on the ground and ran into the woods.

Actually, as he ran away, he ran right at me....
sending me squealing in the opposite direction.

The worst part was...
it happened so fast I could not get pictures of him.
All's well that ends well, however,
as no one was hurt during this little rescue attempt!

We have been quite fortunate to have several beautiful days in a row...
low 70's with blue skies.

MaryAnn and Ginger have been spending their days happily grazing on new spring grass.

And just in case they get a little warm....
the pool is open!

The youngsters are getting bolder each day,
heading down their runway...

into the yard to play.
This will be good practice for their eventual free-ranging,
hunting insects and eating plant life.

I hope wherever you are
that you are enjoying a beautiful spring!
This may be the best we've ever had.


  1. some things are best left to the imagination! i can just picture that scene...right out of chevy chase's xmas vacation! i hope the treehog is smart enough to stay out in the woods! maryann and ginger look like happy girls. we have been having the same gorgeous weather but oh boy are we dry! hopefully we will get rain next weekend!

  2. Success was had by all . . . good thing, look at the claws on that groundhog!

  3. Great ending to your story.. too bad you weren't able to get a picture. But I would have screamed and ran too!

  4. I also noticed the claws on that treehog!!! good thing he decided to make his own escape.

    I'm loving this wonderful spring weather. Except I have to water already. I think it is a first for me getting the sprinklers out in May. Enjoy the sunshine, hugs!

  5. Guess the groundhog was frightened enough to try anything to get away. I can just see you squealing away from him lol

  6. Mean indeed !! I was very worried about the little gal/guy..All's well that ends well..For a moment, I thought you were going to say that he ran down the ladder..

  7. So glad the hedgehog got away and back into the forest.
    Do you let your chickens free range? Or are they only allowed in their run? Just curious. Your new girls are looking great!
    xo Kris

  8. Hi. I just found your blog and joined! I love everything bout country living...we recently bought a farm and plan to sell our house here in a rural area and build there. Stop by and visit me at

  9. Hi, So glad your hubby didn't get bit or scratched. WE don't have groundhogs here but they sure are cute. Love hearing about your chicks and pigs too.
    Thanks for sharing.

  10. This is classic!! I love the full on armor your husband put on - only to have the Groundhog have a bit of extra energy, after all! Your photos are so transporting - I feel like I get a vacation from suburbia and am truly where I want to be.


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