Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Patience Pays Off

After weeks of patiently waiting,
sitting quietly by the fence... observing and dreaming...
Sammy had his day in the sun,
and met the baby goats.

He sat patiently by my side...hoping.

While Missy gathered her little ones around her as far away as possible.

"Lay down, Sam," I whispered.  "Let's look as unthreatening as possible."

It didn't take long for Gracie The Adventurous to wander over to inspect Sam.

Gracie:  "Don't worry, Mom.  I'm not afraid of a silly ole dog!"

Sam:  "I can't contain my excitement.  I'm holding vewy, vewy still on the outside,
but inside, I'm doing somersaults!"

Gracie:  "You smell funny."

Sam:  "Come a little closer, so I can smell you.

Sam:  "Ohhhhh... you smell so sweet!  I like you.  Will you be my friend?"

Gracie:  "Sure.  Wanna run and play with me?"

Sam:  "Mom won't let me."

In spite of having to sit "vewy, vewy still", it was the highlight of Sam's year so far!

Chicklet update:
Everyone is doing well.  Eating. Drinking. Pooping. Sleeping.
Running around like crazy little chicklets!
"Peep, peep, peep, peep!"


  1. Beautiful photos. What a gorgeous gentle dog Sammy is! I hope this was just the first of many playdates with "The Kids".

    Kathy from Tasmania

  2. What has become of the chickens from last year? Do you keep adding new chicks in with the others... or do the old ones go to another place?

  3. Oh yes, Sammy is an awesome and well trained dog, good job. And the goats are adorable.

  4. Hi Shannon,

    When these little ones are full grown (in about 2 months or so) they will move to the upper pens where our adult layers nest. Here they will have free access to the upper pastures of our farm. For the first couple of months, they are kept in a separate enclosure, from predators and over-sexed roosters!

    We keep our hens forever...when they stop laying, they just become retired hens who hang out with the rest of the flock until natural causes take them away.

  5. I am always in awe of how well your animals get along. Those are some really sweet pictures of Sammy and Gracie.

  6. I like reading a Bee Haven chapter each day . . . I think the Sammy chapter . . . meeting a new "friend", is a favorite!

  7. Sammy is quite special. Such a great farm dog to have!

  8. Oh I am vewy happy for Sammy. He probably had dreams about running and playing with his new friend.

  9. What a good dog to be so still and patient!

  10. Awe! Definitely cuteness overload here! Love the nose to nose shot and those peeps.... sigh!

  11. How precious are those two, such sweet pictures. I'm so proud of Sam as to how quiet and still he was. I know inside he was bouncing up and down.

    My new girls are getting close to going out in the coop in their own little area. But for now I'm enjoying them in the garage. I can't believe how fast the grow. Hugs to Sammie today for being such a good boy!

  12. Gracie is a character! Oh and Sam, what a good boy! I hope he got an extra belly rub for listening to his mamma!

  13. I love Sammy and that photo of them touching noses is priceless.

  14. Gracie is just adorable... as are those adorable little chicks! I added pullets to my flock this year because I don't really have an adequate separate coop to raise the littles.

  15. I just adore those pictures of Sammy and Grace's god daughter! Too cute!

  16. We are soon to get two little goat wethers here, and I am so worried about introducing them to our dogs... you give me hope!

  17. Sweet post. What a great dog!


  18. Dawwwwww......cuteness overload! Thunk (I just fell over from my heart melting)! Patty/BC

  19. Awe what wonderful photos and post ! I love it when animals make friends with each other ! Oh I love those cute little fuzzy chicks ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  20. sammy is the perfect farm pup....teddy, not so much!

  21. The photo of Sam & Gracie nose to nose speaks volumns as does the photo of Abby cornering her baby boy so he cannot follow his sister. Sam is the most amazing dog. I have never seen an animal with so much patience, restraint, gentleness & couriosity. I am not much of a dog person, but I make an exception for Sam. He has earned a pleace in my heart.

  22. Congratulations Sammy..I'm very happy for you...Good that you stayed vewy, vewy still...(Your Mom's crazy)..Who knows..maybe tomorrow you'll be allowed kisses..


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