Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Our Little Peep Show

Yesterday morning I awoke with anticipation.
An order of chicks had shipped out on Sunday and was due to arrive at our Post Office.
At 6 AM I called the Post Office.

"Hello.... Post Office," he answered.
"Hi Bob.  This is Bev.  Have you gotten any chicks for me?" I asked the voice
on the other end of the line.
"None on the early truck.  Want me to call you when they arrive?" he offered.
"Yes please!" said I.

This simple conversation is one of the things that I love about living in the country.
Everybody knows you and knows your name.
It's simple and friendly.
And I love that.

I headed off to the barn assuming that Tuesday would be delivery day and not Monday.

Once at the barn I started my morning routine....
Feed horses, feed donkeys, feed pigs, feed cats, clean and fill water tubs,
open chicken house and clean it, feed chickens, clean up manure in the dry lot....
then up to the upper part of the farm to open and clean and feed those chicken houses,
open and clean and feed the turkeys, water the goats, etc.

I had just finished feeding the pigs when the barn phone rang.
"Your chicks came on the second truck."  he said.
"Be right there," I sang.

A seven minute drive to the post office in the nearest (very small) town...
and I was the only car on the road.

(Another thing that I love about the country.)

With my precious cargo in place, I headed back to the farm through a little drizzle and fog.

I opened the carton to find 35 (plus or minus) adorable fluffy chicks.

This is a batch of brown egg layers with a few extra Buff Brahmas added...
and of course at least one surprise (translation - rooster).

All chicks were alive and appeared to be quite hardy and active.
You can see this little gal's egg tooth on the very tip (upper side) of her upper beak.
This little point will wear off in the next couple of weeks,
but played a vital part in getting this peep out of her shell.

Two heat lamps will help to keep these chicks warm in the brooder house over
the next few chilly days.
In a few weeks they will grow their primary feathers and then warmth will not be a concern.

For now, though, these little ones need warmth, and plenty of food and water.

It's amazing how, even without a Mama to show them,
they learn to fend for themselves quite nicely.

In all of these past 6 years of ordering chicks, 
I have only ever had one chick arrive dead.
Usually I receive a whole box of robust little birds...
ready to take on the world...
as long as the world is beneath their heat lamp!

It will be fun watching these little fuzz balls grow over the coming weeks.
I'll keep you posted with progress reports.

PS:  If you enjoyed our Amanda's blog post last week,
you are in for another treat....
You can read her latest post HERE.


  1. And they are a rainbow of colors too. Cute little peeps they are. :)

  2. I like your peeps so much more than those pink, yellow, green store bought Peeps! Bet you love listening . . .

  3. Oh they are cute fuzzy wazzy's ! That's a shame maybe the trip did the little guy in ! Lovely photos ! Looking forward to these little ones growing ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  4. Slow day huh.....!
    I love chick arrival day too- I have to go to the big Post Office for mine- instead of our small town one - and go way in the back where "PUBLIC not allowed- especially when there's a box of humming bees!! I really used to love that!
    Have a great week Beverly!!

  5. Oh my goodness, those little peeps are adorable! I wouldn't get any work done because I would want to watch them all day long! Growing up in Minnesota, I would attend with my mom the Minnesota State Fair every August. In the FFA children's barnyard, they always had baby chicks on display. It was so cute because they had a 3 foot tall ferris wheel for the chicks to ride on. The little chicks would hop on, take a ride and jump off at the bottom. I haven't been back to the state fair in 15 years-I wonder if they still have the ferris wheel for the chicks? Fun memory! Have a great Tuesday, Bev! Hugs, Meghan

  6. Awe! So cute, peep, peep, peep!

    I've ordered chicks from McMurray before and was quite pleased with the health of the chicks. And yea, we ended up with a rooster even though I ordered all females, lol!

    It's gonna be fun to watch these little ones 'grow up'! Enjoy them!

  7. So cute! I need to order chicks at some point.

  8. Love your adorable little peeps Bev!

  9. The chicks are adorable. We have always ordered from MM too, until this year. We just wanted a few chicks so we went to a local feed store and got 6 mixed breeds. And they weren't day old, they were three weeks old! Not quite as cute, but hardier for this cold weather is what we're thinking. Check my blog to see them.
    Have a great day!

  10. PEEPS!!!! i love peeps! i can't wait to watch them grow!

  11. Oh I just love little peeps. I have decided we won't get anymore young ones so I will enjoy watching yours grow.

  12. Oh, Bev, they are so darn cute! Such memories I have of Dad bring home the chicks each year. I love your blog so much!


  13. SO cute...love your little peeps..It will be fun to watch them develop as always...Too adorable..Enjoy your day..

  14. Oh the excitement! I can't wait to go get some more little chickies!!!
    : ) Kris

  15. It's amazing what can be sent through the postal system these days. :) I'm glad all those cute little chicks arrived safely. Sounds like you have a busy yet satisfying life on the farm. :) Best wishes, Tammy

  16. Hello,
    doesn't your heart break at knowing that these little creatures are parted from their feathery mums so quickly.
    I find it so touching to watch chicks and mums together !
    greetings from freezing Switzerland

  17. Hi Maria...

    Actually, these little fluff balls have never known their mama....they are hatched in an incubator and sent along to farms...so their Mama never misses them, either.


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