Monday, April 22, 2013

Have You Ever Seen Cuter Little Horse Lips?

Even the naughtiest little boy...

is angelic when he sleeps...
(check out the sweet little smile on his lips!)

I caught Ollie in the midst of REM sleep.
He was completely zonked,
but opened his eyes and fluttered them.

In another moment, his eyes slowly closed....

and back into his dream he went.

That is, until another little naughty boy came along and woke him up...

"Hi Sammy, wanna play?"

"Not really," said Sammy. "I just wanted to wake you up!"

It was a peaceful Spring weekend here on the farm.
Hubbs and I spent the weekend alone,
cleaning the barn, organizing the tack room, and finishing some gardening projects.

Nighttime temps have been a bit chilly here...low 30's,
so I still have not been able to plant flowers and vegetables.

I did, however, finish this project....

An old ladder with galvanized buckets bolted fast to the rungs will serve
as a planter for a large cascade of flowers.

I also fashioned a cat-proof, chicken/guinea-proof wire cage for the fairy garden.
It attaches in the back and can be lifted in the front for easy access.
Now I have no worries that marauding critters will destroy my village.
I have had to cover this at night with plastic to protect the little plants from frost.

Within the next few weeks, temps will stay warm enough for even the tenderest seedlings,
and gardening will become a full time job!


  1. The ladder project came out awesome. In a short time it will be exploding with color from all the flowers. I don't remember who wreck the fairy garden last year. I'm thinking it was either the guineas or one of the bard cats.

  2. ollie is too cute! i like that bucket/ladder idea. what will you plant in there?

  3. That was Edith (God rest her little turkey soul) who made a nest last Spring in the fairy garden. I then moved it into the greenhouse....but I think this is a better solution.

    As for the buckets....lots and lots of color...and some sweet potato vines to cascade out of the back of each bucket.

  4. Sweet smiles on those horse lips!

    I have that ladders twin, well the green at least. I've only done one planter and a few decor on my. I'm loving the idea of attaching the buckets. Thanks for the new idea!! I'm thinking mine buckets might be a little heavy if I fill them all with soil. I may have to put broke up packing foam in the bottom of my bigger buckets. What is your idea?

    Enjoy digging in the dirt!!

  5. Cutest darn horse lips I have ever seen. Ollie is adorable to say the least. LOL

  6. Sounds a lot like our puttering weekend. Too bad you have to protect the fairy garden with wire. But I would hate to have gone to all of that work, and then have the critters wreck it!!!
    Have a great week!
    xo Kris

  7. I can never get enough pictures of Sammy and Ollie....they are just precious together! That Sammy is amazing!

    Love your cute ladder plant me thinking..again. Can't wait to see it in full bloom. We got sun today....yay!

  8. Horsie lips..SO cute..Love the planter ladder...I buy hanging baskets, fill the container (bucket 2/3 full of potting soil, take the plant out of the hanging basket, plop it in the bucket on top of the soil..Fill in around it and Voila !!
    Easier and usually less expensive than buying all the individual plants, planting them and waiting for them to fill in..There would be room to stick a potato vine or two in on the sides..
    Did you put holes in the buckets for drainage?? Hmmm.

  9. If you bolted down the galvanized buckets... how will you fill them?

  10. Yes, I drilled holes for drainage. There is plenty of room for me to get into each bucket and plant them. I have already filled them with potting soil. Will stick the little plants in as soon as it is a little warmer.

  11. Oh, and it is hard to tell on the photos, but each bucket as you go down from the top, sticks out way further than the one above stair steps, if you will......

  12. They always look so sweet when they are asleep!

  13. Weather here is the same , days are nice nights still to chilly for planting things but it will get better in a week or two here ! So I will also be busy in the gardens lol. Lovely photos , awe sweet pony napping . Thanks for sharing . Laters

  14. The buckets bolted to a ladder is a great idea. I can't wait to see what kind of flowers you use. Would you plant a kitchen garden in there instead of flowers?

  15. I was wondering how you kept those guineas and hens out of that beautiful fairy garden...good thinkin!

  16. You know I work in a dental office and I know a great smile when I see one, and Ollie sure has one!

    Glad you had a nice weekend, and I love what you did with the buckets!!

  17. Cute horsey lips but the galvanized pails on the ladder caught my eye as best idea! Look forward to the cascading flowers . . .


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