Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Here on the farm
it is hard to stay sad....

with so many smiles...

 surrounding me....

and friends...

 who won't let me out of their sight.

Dear friends,
I am humbled by your generous spirit...
offering us condolences and sharing your own losses with us.
Some of your comments made me weep.
Worry not, though, because most likely I would have been weeping anyway.

So many of you I have never met in person and yet you feel like old friends.
You have made our farm part of your life...
and are always there to share both the happy and the sad.
Truly... I thank you.

I cannot dwell in the sad,
but instead must immerse myself in all that is beautiful about life.

the innocence of children....

their adventurous spirits...

and kind hearts...

May we all take a lesson from them...
and love without reservation,
(holding each other's hands makes the rough patches so much easier)

live with wild abandon,

and always be amazed and full of wonder at this beautiful world.

In spite of all the bad things that happen (all you have to do is turn on the news),
I know in my heart that there is still so much more that is good and kind and gentle
in this world.
I see evidence of it every day.
So glad you stop by looking for it also!!

PS:  Special thanks to Julie for bringing Mia to the farm this past weekend.
Tyler was quite smitten!


  1. We all thank you so much for giving us a "happy place" to go when it seems there is so much pain and hatred in this world.

    Hugs to you, Bev.


  2. Loved this truth . . holding hands makes it better . . . believe it is so . . . still caring about you . . .

  3. So sorry for your loss beverly.....prayers of healing to u and your family.... May the memories sustain.....

  4. I read your blog every morning to get my daily dose of something good! I can't find it in a newspaper, and I definitely can't find it on television. Thank you for bringing love and peace and happiness from your little farm to the rest of us.
    Deana Landry

  5. There's nothing like a little redheaded girl to make a little boy strut his stuff! LOL!!

    This post brought a smile to my heart today, especially after your loss and Boston's loss yesterday.

  6. So happy that you are surrounded by all those smiling faces..You have the ability to convert pain and sadness in to smiles and joy..Beautiful post..

  7. Thank you for my happy place this morning and every morning. We really do find friends in blogland.

    Oh for those curls and red hair!! Tyler has good taste, LOL!!!

  8. So true Beverly! There is always so much more good than bad! What delightful shots of the children!!!
    : ) xo Kris

  9. Oh, little Mia and Tyler holding hands is so dear! I truly love the total innocence of animals and children. Both give me an immense amount of hope for a better world and I guess that is why I love your blog so much. It puts me at a happy place that isn't violent or mean spirited. I consider you a very special friend, Bev, and someone I feel blessed to have in my life-even if it is just in blogland! Have a blessed day! Hugs, Meghan

  10. Lovely, heartfelt post - it's just what we all need, in these trying times. I was so sorry to hear about the loss of your dear dog.

  11. Hi Bev, I hope you realize the good you do for all of us out here. Each day life on your farm is like being right there. Sure, there are ups and downs, births and deaths but that is what happens on the farm.......plus spring planting and growing and starting all over again next spring.
    Thank you for todays post. It made me stop and think that life really does go on even after tragedies such as Boston.


  12. Tyler does look smitten! So sweet! Thank you for sharing! this. Made me smile. My heart goes out to you. Keep your chin up!

  13. Beautiful post. You give those of us who visit your blog so much happiness in your photos and writings and your friendship.

    Sending love..

  14. Thanks for sharing the love, everyday! Your blog always entertains and shows us the sweet smiles your farm brings to so many.

    Lucky red head...I'd say...


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