Thursday, March 14, 2013

A New Friend

Doeling:  "Hey, Mom, look!"

Doeling:  "I think I found a new friend!"

Missy:  "Be careful, little one, that's a dog!"

Doeling:  "What's a dog, Mom?"

Doeling:  "Hey, Dog, wanna play?"

Sammy:  "Sure wish I could, but I'm on the outside of this fence."

Sammy:  "Mom.....please let me in to play with the babies!

Sammy would sit for hours and just watch the baby goats.
Oh, and he'd give his tail to be able to play with them.

"Maybe soon, Sammy.
For now, though, we don't want to upset their Mama."


There is another sign that Spring is just around the corner!
The ducks are laying!!

Eggs, that is!
Every morning, when I stop to feed them,
I find a handful of freshly layed, tasty eggs.
Did you know that duck eggs are wonderful for baking?
They give cakes a better rise!
And there is nothing fluffier than a duck egg omelet.


I finished the pickets for my bunny fence,
and started new ones for a gnome/fairy fence...

tiny gnomes holding lanterns and toadstools!

Now... to build the fence and put it in my flower garden....
and wait for the flowers.
It won't be long, now!

Today's Sustainability Link...

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  1. Little bundles of energy! And Sammy is just precious.

    Kathy from Tasmania

  2. soon sammy...soon! omg...this fence is killing me. i fall to sleep at night trying to figure out where i could put one up. will you show how you build the fence too?

  3. LOVE, love, love the the pickets you made!! Your garden always looks so lovely, I can't wait to see what you come up with this year!

  4. Come on Mom - let Sammy play!!!
    Your fence looks GREAT!!

  5. Sammy is a treasure. And the goat faces? Adorable.

  6. I love the new picket designs. Very cute.

  7. Lovely photos ! Oh I can see the excitement on Sammy's face to play with the little ones ! Yes lots of signs of spring here to even though the temps are cold ! Thanks for sharing. Have a good day !

  8. I want a gnome fence!!! It's so true about duck eggs and baking. We go to the farmers market and get duck eggs since we don't feel we have enough room to own our own. We only have chickens until one day when we get our dream land! The new goat is adorable. I want to hug it!

  9. What an adorable picture of the doeling ....I know Sammy is just itching for doeling kisses...I can't wait to see the finished fences..Those little lanterns must be a bugger to do..I thought of a place for a little low one but the mowers would probably get it and I would get really upset...So cute..

  10. I love the gnomes! And the toadstools are a perfect accompaniment for them.

    By the way - I looked up that website with the free education series and am taking one myself. Thanks for the link!

  11. How fun watching your new little ones discover the world and making new friends!!

  12. This post made me laugh, but the fence is truly beautiful!

  13. Sammy is SO awesome! :) I'd give my right arm to play with him and the goats! And those pics are so sweetly adorable. Many, many hugs!!

  14. Hey, did you get a scroll saw? I love playing with ours...

  15. Could you link back to Farm Fun Friday?

    Thanks :)


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