Monday, January 14, 2013

Is The Sun Still Out There?

Damp, dreary, gray, foggy, mucky, melty days.
We've had a few of them in a row.

And this is as good as it got....
all weekend...

The temperatures are a bit warmer this week for the time being,
so our snow is melting quickly.

With the exception of one area of our farm....
our apple orchard...
Siberia, as I love calling it...
seems to have its very own little micro-climate...
several degrees colder than the rest of the world.

It's true...
and weird.
It happens every winter.
It might be Spring-like all over the farm...
but it's Winter in the orchard... for...ever! (it seems)

It was the perfect weekend for baking...


And sewing...

more of this quilt.

And making lip balm...

Amanda and I poured about 20 of these tins.

We are planning on pouring our lip balm 
(made with our own bees wax and other moisturizing ingredients)
in kraft paper (recyclable) tubes next week.

I've also been making a bunch of these little lined, zippered pouches...

They are the perfect size for a cell phone, or small camera,
 credit cards and money.

Sadly, we were unable to see Tyler this weekend,
as he was at home with a stomach virus.
By Sunday, his mommy had succumbed to the same virus.
We are hoping both will be well and able to come for a farm visit next weekend.


  1. That stomach bug is a beast. It has gone through the group home my daughter works at. She said it lasts for days. I hope Amanda and Tyler feel better soon. The quilt is lovely and the zippered pouches are useful and pretty as well.

  2. It may be dark, damp and dreary, but you always make the most of your days, Bev. You are such an inspiration for me. Will have to visit your Etsy shop and take advantage of some of your handmade goodies. Any chance you can post a recipe for those yummy looking scones?

  3. Good morning! Alas, I don't have anything in my Etsy shop right now. That seems to be the last thing I get around to. When I do....I will let y'all know.

    Thanks for the get wells....Amanda is fine. I probably don't tell Tyler's mommy's name much...cause I always call her Tyler's mommy. Jenn is Tyler's mommy and they live about 45 minutes from us. Amanda lives with us presently. can all be so confusing. Andy lives about 45 minutes away and Ryan lives in North Carolina. That's the four of them.

    Now, for the scones. Go to the King Arthur Flour blog and search for scone recipes. If you make their basic scone.....and then I add the zest of a lemon, chopped walnuts and fresh or frozen blueberries to that recipe. The trick with scones is this....
    Your butter should be as cold as possible when you cut it into your flour. I actually freeze my butter for use in my scones. Then cut the butter into as small of chunks as you can to cut them into the flour with a pastry cutter. You will still be able to see little chunks (pea sized or smaller) in your dough...which should be a little crumbly. If you over mix scones, they become tough. If the butter is too warm, they over-mix.

    I often make them with orange zest, walnuts and dried cranberries. Or lemon zest and candied gingerroot and walnuts.


  4. Love hearing about the contrast from farm to orchard . . . interesting.

    I hope Tyler and his mom are feeling better.

    Soggy, foggy makes for some great photos . . .

  5. It looks like you were busy this weekend! I love the way the orchard looks. Hope they are feeling better soon.

  6. What a productive weekend you had!!! Our weather is freezing fog, which creates beautiful scenery. Cold but pretty.
    That lip balm looks wonderful! I have such dry skin I could smear it all over, ahhhhhh!!
    No sewing for me, just a little crocheting and knitting. I have to get in the sewing room for Am. doll clothes. Love the quilt top. Can't wait to see it done, make sure pictures! Here's to a great week ahead, hugs!!

  7. I hope your grandson and daughter are feeling better. My grandson has been sick forever it seems!
    Your quilt is so pretty. Love the fabrics! I have been making pouches similar to yours. They are addictive, aren't they? I also made up some lip gloss from our bees wax, first time ever. But I need to order some tins. I've found a few places, just haven't placed the order. Where do you get your?

  8. Love the mucky photos...that light is wonderful. My but you stayed busy..don't you always? Ha. Cute little lip balms and those pouches are adorable...where do you find the time? Actually, it's the energy that amazes me.

    Hope the kiddies are better now.

  9. Sorry that Tyler and Jenn are sick..Looks like you made good use of your weekend...Yes, It would be nice to see the sun...It's trying hard but I'm not so sure it's going to make it today..Happy Monday

  10. Brrrr! I find it hard to get out and feed the chickens in these cold mornings! We have no snow, but we have had ice, and frost!!!
    Lip, looks nice. Do you sell it? LOVE the quilt! LOVE it!
    Hope your loved ones are well soon! We are all coughing and sniffing here.
    xo Kris

  11. Yeah, what is it with all this soggy foggy weather here in PA? I swear I saw buds on one of our neighbor's flowering trees. You sure have been busy. I don't think you ever sit still. I love your red and white quilt! Love visiting your home, farm and animals Bev.

  12. i have a micro-climate in one area of my garden too. i love those lip balms! where did you find the tins? cold is on the way! one more day and it should reach you!

  13. Hope Tyler and his mum feel better soon ! WOW ! You have been busy awesome products . It is cold and dreary here again today warm spring like temps have gone and teased just a little ! Lovely photos . Have a good day !

  14. We have had the same yucky weather here. Hardly any snowleft. Just been hanging around the house doing all sorts of chores that have been waiting since before Christmas. Will be glad to see snow clean things up aroud the farm yard.
    Good to see you and Amanda are enjoing some stitching time..Fun!!
    Hope the flu keeps away..poor Tyler and Mo..yuck..
    Keep well and

  15. Same weather here - rain and more rain and then a little teaser of sun, then more rain. LOL Those scones look amazing as does your quilt. Will you be selling your lip balm?

  16. That apple orchard micro-climate thing is very weird. Was the apple orchard pic taken on the same day as the horses in the field?
    I love how your quilt top came together. I have always like the hourglass design - simple, but striking. Are the colors for Valentines Day?
    I wanted to share a tip about making scones. I love everything about scones - except the cutting in of the ice cold butter. I have no patience for it and, yet, scones would not have their buttery lightness without this step. Last week I got the idea of using my box cheese grater. I took the almost frozen sticks of butter and grated them into the dry ingredients. It was done in about a minute. The butter shreds were evenly distributed and they rose better than when I use my pastry blender. They taste was even a ltlle better (all in my mind I'm sure). They really were flakier. The bottom line was that it is super quick and takes the work out of the scones. If you try it make sure you put the sticks of butter in the freezer 20 minutes before needing them. Wish I had thought of this years ago.
    Last thing - Did you tell your farmer neighbor to be on the lookout for those jerks stalking your farm. Maybe he could get the license # if he see them again. State Fish & Wildlife might also be able to give you some advise.


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