Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Quandary

I am in the midst of a fugue this week....
wondering what to do about a situation.

Maybe you can give me your opinion?

If you have read my blog for a while,
you might remember the incident we had this past May with a 
"drive-by shooting" of one of our sweet innocent ducks....
shot dead right on the side of our pond and left there for me to find.

Luckily, our neighboring dairy farmer saw the vehicle and the two men
driving it.
We called the State Police and kept our eyes open for the truck,
but never saw it again.

That is, until this week.
Now, every morning this week, that same truck has been 
driving down our country lane...
slowly passing our farm.

I had confirmation from our neighbor that it is the same truck.
(You must understand, we only have about 5 vehicles passing our house each day...
one of them a school bus, coming to and fro, and another the mail lady.  We 
pretty much know all the folk who pass by.  So, an old Chevy crew cab truck with
specific markings and no exhaust system is pretty easy to spot!)

Now my quandary is this:
What shall I do?  The way I see it, I have a few options.

1.  Call the police concern is that so much time has passed now...
2.  Take a photo of his license plate in case any more incidents occur.
3.  Stop his truck as he passes by and speak with him...
not to accuse, but to appeal to his "humane" side, if he has one, 
that this was a pet that was killed.
4.  Load my shotgun with rock salt and aim for his tail! (my personal preference!)
5.  Do nothing.

In light of all of the horrible gun violence in this country of late,
I fear that he might be one of those types of individuals that has no conscience.
I fear that if I confront him or call the police, that he may retaliate.
I fear having my farm violated in the future.

And yet, I hate living in fear.
I would like to be proactive and protective.

I just can't decide what is best.
Common sense tells me to do nothing.
And yet....

So, tell me....what would you do ?

PS:  Edith (since losing both Beulah May and Mr. Wellington)
seems to have adjusted and joined the rest of the flock.
Maybe this will help to keep her safe!


  1. Hello,
    I would call the police and at the same time take pictures of this nasty trucks and its crazy occupants.
    They may want to shoot your other pets one day.
    Your blog is paradise to me !
    Have a nice day and
    greetings from Switzerland

  2. This is a tough one. But having this truck drive past your place like this seems a bit creepy. Who knows what they might be up to? It is not fair to have to hold back for fear of retaliation, and yet if no one does anything, more creatures may be senselessly killed. I suggest maybe you should contact the Police just to discuss the situation with them. Hopefully they might have some suggestions...maybe they might just happen to pull the vehicle over for a routine inspection and find guns in there. (Not sure what your regulations are there re guns in cars) Also, maybe other people have reported similar incidents, and if enough people give evidence, something could be done with regards to prosecuting the culprits. Good luck. It must be very upsetting for you.

    Kathy from Tasmania

  3. Call the police and visibly post a sign that the area is monitored by cameras. I'm sorry you have to be worried about this! Mary Ann

  4. For sure, take a picture of the license plate and notify the police. I would hesitate to approach the vehicle.

    Then. . I would follow the guidance from the police.

    FEAR, false evidence appearing real, can paralyze us from making wise decisions . . .

    Be Safe . . .

  5. that is a quandary! please don't stop the truck and talk to them! there are just too many incidents lately of shootings around here ... for really weird reasons or no reason at all! i would call the police ... does the truck come by around the same time each day? maybe a police cruiser could just drive by around that time each day ... or park out in front of your farm ... that may discourage them. people are really crazy right now and i would be afraid they'd come by and start shooting up your farm if you confront them directly. i will be praying for this situation. please keep us updated!

  6. If he (Yes, I'm assuming it's a "he" and likely an older teen/young adult) is driving on the road at a specific time of the day, I would explain your situation to your local town/county law officials and ask if they would be willing to just "park" themselves along your road and "hang out" there at that same time for a few days in a row. If the dude is up to no good, that'll scare him off for a while. (Better yet, when he comes if they could follow him for a mile or two, that would really freak him out.)

    And they don't have to park in front of your farm. Anywhere along the road will do.

    Stupid Kids...

  7. One other thought is to call the PA Game Commission. I know these are your ducks; however, they may already have issues with these individuals poaching other game life and it may be a helpful tip for them to know where to look. We live in NW PA and have had poachers in the area before--they have a tip line you can use online. Good luck.

  8. Pics- talk to police and set up target practice area near where they drive and be out there practicing sometime. Do NOT approach please stay safe. Good luck- scary world.

  9. Take a picture of the license if possible or just write it down... contact the police..... DO NOT APPROACH THEM IN ANY CONFRONTATION!

    I pray that God will continue to bless you, your family, your animals, your farm.... and keep you safe from evil.

  10. I read this to my husband (who is a hunter AND an animal lover). He says if we lived closer "he'd take care of it". Spoken like a true redneck bad*#&. But seriously: take pics, but don't confront! And just have the police patrol your area a little more. Hopefully they are just enjoying your beautiful scenery:) ~Kim

  11. I suggest you do 2 and then 1. With the license plate info, probably even with a partial plate number and a description of the truck, the police will know who owns the truck, and you can ask the police to speak to the owner so they are aware you know of their suspicious behavior.

  12. What about posting a "property under surveillance" sign?

  13. Hi Bev.
    If you don't have "Private Property-No Trespassing, Hunting" etc. signs up around the duck pond, you could put some up or add extra that are noticeable from the road. I would add some signs that indicate "This area monitored by video surveillance" and have those "noticeable" from the road. Then, get a camera, and install it. The camera does not need to actually work but should still be a deterrent. Also, if you have a game camera, you could install in an unobtrusive manner and then you would have some photos if there is movement. The only other thing I could think of is to make some extra trips out to that area of your property during the next few days so that there is a 'presence' in that area. If you aren't comfortable with that, you could go over and leave some tools (wheelbarrow, rake,etc) out and visible so it looks like someone is over there even if they aren't.

    Hope this helps!
    Lisa in Maine

  14. I know you post your property, so if its posted there too, the Game Warden could come into play also. Just a thought.
    I like the idea of a discussion with your Police Chief and get his thoughts. I think everyone here has good ideas, especially don't confront! But I would be out with my camera(I have to do this too)gathering information to be ready.

    Be careful, but be proactive.

  15. I certainly do agree with the rest of the comments. A picture is always good. I doubt the police can actually do anything at this point, but maybe drive by your place, especially if the truck comes around the same time each day. Unfortunately our legal system is reactive rather than proactive. Good luck.

  16. Call police, take pictures, along with noting the day and time. And seriously if I had a gun and knew how to use it, it would be ready. Who knows what they are up too. I would get your neighbor (s) to do the same thing if possible. Keep us posted.

  17. A quandary yet scary indeed.

    I would definitely notify the police and try to get a photo. Both of those can be done unbeknownst to the occupants of the vehicle. This day and age I would not try to approach the vehicle nor its occupants... sadly, you just never know about people anymore.

    Hopefully, it's just a misunderstanding that your property is private and not hunting territory.

    I will pray for safety and protection for you, your family & your farm.

  18. That truck driving by several times now is kind of creepy and scary. I would contact the police and ask for advice and to let them know. Also, I would take pictures of the vehicle, people in it and the licence plate if doable. Good luck Bev!

  19. 1, 2 & 4. Do not talk to them as they may be so nutty they may try to harm you. How about a sign out front that your farm is under survelliance with cameras? How about getting some cameras? But for sure call the police, this is now stalking...... Terri

  20. Yikes Bev this is a worry!!
    I think having a chit chat with the police is a good idea. Then they know your updated worry and have a record of the visiit. Tehen they will know if you call what your concern is. Yes try ande get the plate number because then the police can check on who owns it and if they have been in trouble before.
    Another thing...cameras..hunters use them during hunting season ..they run on batteries! You may want to get some to use if it becomes a continuous problem.
    Under no circumstances go near the truck.
    It is one weird world out there and you have NO idea just what kind of personality is driving that truck.
    What a worry!!Keep safe and keep your camera (as handy!
    Like one of the other gals said maybe the police can stop them and is off limits.

  21. Call the police and let them handle it. They can make a routine traffic stop and just ask what is going on without ever having to tell them it was you that called them. Yes also take a pic of the license plate. Sounds like a wacko to me and he might be looking to see if you are home and who knows what else he might do.

  22. I would call the police. Why is that truck returning to your road??... and get the license plate somehow. You can use a wildlife camera placed where you think it will catch the best angle. I would not confront the person.

  23. Take a photo.. better yet, video every time you see it go by. Document it, and in the meantime, call the police. Let them do what our taxes pay them to do. I would NOT approach the vehicle or speak with the person. THAT could be asking for trouble.

  24. Well try putting a sign that says there is a surveillance camera and no shooting or hunting allowed and get a photo of the truck and license plate if the truck has been coming around at the same time every day have some one safely on a look out taking photos ! That's all I can suggest I would face them ya never know what they will do to dangerous after you get all the evidence then call the cops ! Hope you nab them and leave your ducks alone !

  25. The amazing thing is... we already have a sign that the property is under video surveillance. The pond is obviously not a wild area as there is the duck hut right on the banks and a picnic area beside the pond. Unfortunately, we have no local law enforcement as we are so very rural...and also the local towns cannot afford it. So we come under State police jurisdiction...and they don't even patrol this area...ever. So I can call them to come out and take another report...but that is about it. I am going to try the route of getting pictures of the vehicle and then call the police.... I had already given them the info back in May when the incident I can call as a follow up. Thanks all for all the other great ideas!

  26. First and foremost stay SAFE!! Get those pictures and call the police and file another report! But stay your distance!!!

    Just a little prayer that they go away and stay away!!

  27. Thank you so much for sharing farm life each day. Your blog has become my favorite. The crazies out there force us to face personal decisions about safety that we can't ignore. Since the police can't help, you and your neighbors need to come up with a plan together. Afterall, they are threatened too.

  28. living in a big city, i have run into problems like this. definitely get the license number. put up a sign from the ducks vantage point. say something like..we are magic ducks with mystical powers. anyone that harms a feather on our our poor little heads will suffer dire consequences. the duck gods are watching you! and load that salt shot!

  29. I believe you must pick your battles and with that in mind is it worthy or not. I have pets and livestock as well but in the end they are not as important as the well-being and safety of yourself and your family. Post very visible signs indicating that it is private property and no hunting permitted. If you loose yet another duck, contact the police and let them tell you how to proceed.

  30. Do you not have a wildlife officer? I would be calling them as well as the police. If they are poaching at your place they may be doing it other places. A visible wildlife camera that is working, calling the police and wildlife dept. would be my first steps. I live in Oklahoma, where we have sheriffs and wildlife officers that take this thing pretty seriously. Shooting into someone's property is a huge deal here I would think it would be there. We may have our guns here, but real hunters don't want things messed up like these guys are doing. It's too bad you don't have another pond to move them to. Please be careful!

  31. Lots of good suggestions. I hope your peaceful little farm stays safe. WTH is wrong with people anyway? Oh yes, that's another subject entirely. xoxo

  32. Wow, I am not sure what I would do either. But I would want a photo of the vehicle, should anything happen again. I would not approach him. You can't be too careful these days. '
    Praying it is just some dumb kid, and not someone dangerous in any way.
    What is wrong with people?????
    xo Kris

  33. I think all the ideas here are not approach!! Contacting the police and getting the license seem like great ideas. I also like 'this area under surveillance' camera and signs. Good luck!

  34. Take a picture of the truck & call the St. Police! Too much going on today to let it go.

  35. If you can get a picture without his seeing you, do it..AND call the police just so you are on record for having had a problem with this guy. Maybe they could drive by from time to time..If this guy passes the cops on the road, he may think twice...DON'T confront him..Too many crazy's out there...

  36. Keep track of when you see the truck and take pictures when you can, so you have documented when they are driving by. I would also alert the police. At least you have a report in with them that you are concerned

  37. Hi Beverly, I haven't had this happen before but I can tell you what works(or used to)with juvenile delinquents who are casing home and drinking beers-we always kept a camera handy and would go out and take their photos. When they asked why we told them so we could give them to the police. They found another place to hang out. Of course that was before there were so many murders and mass shootings. I would try to figure out if this truck comes the same time very day and stand in front of your home and take a photo of the truck and the driver. That way, if they want to know what you're doing, tell them you are turning them in to the police for illegal hunting. Bet they'll find another place. Keep us posted.

  38. I would put a security camera out there, run it on a battery. That way you don't have to be out there. But what I want to know is why is he up there in that area if HE does not live there or has family there??? I think it is creepy and if he does not live there nor does he know anyone, I would call it stalking innocent prey..both human and non human and I would call the police over and over and over again. This truely is disturbing. Please keep us posted on this.

  39. This is a hard situation. I vote for 1 and 2. First off do NOT confront them. We already know they are not normal compassionate people, if they would harm animals, and are perhaps are not dealing with a "full deck", if you get my drift...I would for sure call the police and let them know. I think it is very very creepy they are in the area. Also getting the license plate is a good idea. Even them knowing or seeing you got it, they may think twice before doing anything. Also, is there a possible way to set up a game cam? One where you could take 24 hr pics of the area. My sister did this and caught a vandal! Good luck, I will be praying for safety for you and your farm!

  40. take a photo of the license plates, would you also be able to put surveillance cameras around, we are installing some on our property, there is nothing like a good photo of a culprit...

    Annie v.

  41. There are several things that you may want to do for the safety of your family as well as your animals.
    You need to contact your local police or county sheriff and let them know of your concerns. This way you have documentation of your concerns AND the local police may know who this person/people are. I fyou do't already have No trespassing signs and No hunting signs - I would make sure they they line the road fence. I would also have a large sign at the entrance, letting them know that your property is being camera monitored. Here in Atlanta, everyone is getting a outdoor camera and putting them on the front of their house and back. You can get solar panels for them so you don't have to run electric wires out to them. AND if you are able to get a picture of the truck and license plate --- I'd be sure to do that and let the police know --- again of your concerns. You can't be passive in this day and time. You have too much to loose - concerning your family and your beloved animals. If the truck is a kid- I'd speak to the parents. If they are an adult -- the police should know the history of the individual.
    ALSO--- have wasp spray here and there. My girls live in downtown Atlanta. They don't want to have a gun --- but they do have a can of wasp spray on their front porch and back porch. It shoots 20 ft. --- a lot farther than pepper spray is cheap and does a better job on man and bugs!!
    God Bless!

  42. I don't think I could ignore something like this, because it's very likely to happen again. (According to his actions, it's apparent that this guy was not just some hunter. This was an act of violence, period).

    I'd give him a "friendly" warning, but make sure you're not alone when confronting him. It's better to be safe, especially since you know he's armed... and except for his actions near your property, you don't know anything else about him.

    Whatever you decide, it would be nice to put a security camera or two next to the road. Maybe place a security camera warning sticker near the road, and then further back have the camera mounted in a safe, hidden place.

  43. One more thing - The security cameras really do scare these types of people away. We have a few thugs that come and go in our neighborhood (they live two doors down and have been seen with machine guns before. After we got our security cameras, it frightens them enough that they now walk on THE OTHER SIDE OF THE STREET instead of our sidewalk. Lol! It's pretty humorous actually.

    And I have to say that I take back what I said earlier. Don't confront him. (I was pretty PO-ed in my initial reply. Big animal lover here). I would post warning signs though, and if it happens again call the police as soon as you can. No one should get away with this. He so easily could have shot a person, too.

  44. I'd call the police and bring them up to date on the situation. Also, get photos of the truck and license plate if possible or get the plate numbers via binoculars and a good truck description.


    Someone who shoots animals our of their truck is not someone who has a better side to appeal to.

    I'd definitely load a shotgun and keep it on hand.

    This is what we'd do down here in Texas. However, if this joker gets a little more frisky, we could accommodate him there, too.

    Whatever you do, good luck and stay safe.

    Jim from Texas

  45. I live in Alaska and the City has remote cameras in areas that people dump garbage. They even ran an article in the local paper identifying where the cameras were located and people would still drive up and dump stuff. They started tracing licenses and fining people and for the most part the problem has been solved.
    Be safe and good luck!!

  46. I'd contact law enforcement ASAP. The idea of his prowling up and down your road is very disturbing - especially given your remote location. While I dislike violence (and guns) I own both a shotgun and a handgun and know how to use them. Having said that I'd do everything in my power to avoid any contact with this individual. You and yours are in my prayers.

  47. Sick. I've read the above comments and I agree with most - proceed w/caution and if you can get them on tape, so much the better. If you can get them on tape, maybe you can notify your local broadcast news program to carry this as a human (animal) interest story. That would certainly work where I live (Southern California).


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