Tuesday, December 18, 2012

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like.....


After all of the sadness, it's definitely time for a little Christmas cheer!!

First a couple of party pics that I had promised you...
By the time I started getting food on the table (buffet style),
I forgot to take pictures.
But I did get a few shots of the cookies that I baked....

Coconut macaroons, peanut blossoms, pecan pie bars, spritz,

ginger snaps, russian tea cakes, spritz, and iced lemon cookies.
The table was decorated in red with white snowflakes.

About a half hour before the party, Oakley came back from a run in the woods.

Oakley:  "Ok, I'm ready for the party.... I finally smell good again!"

Why is it that after you give a dog a bath, he's not happy until he once again
smells gamey?

The first activity was a farm tour.  
Moonbeam welcomed everyone with his Mr. Ed impersonation.

The goats are always a favorite...
especially Dot, who was extra charming (begging for Ritz).

Following the farm tour we had a buffet dinner:
London Broil, Tequila Chicken, Shrimp cocktail
Pasta Salad, Fruit salad,
punch, mulled cider,
Vidalia onion/ Swiss cheese bake,
Fresh vegetable tray,
Homemade Guacamole, and other munchies were on the menu...
and of course Christmas Cookies!

Yesterday we spent a little time playing "dress up".

Chloe:  "Hmmmm, so much to choose from...."

Me:  "Oh, Chloe, you look so festive...
which is your favorite?"

Chloe:  "I think I like this garland the best!  It reminds me of hay."

Chloe:  "Definitely not this elf hat....it makes me look like a unicorn!"

Daphne:  "Is that you, Chloe?"

Sam:  "I don't know, but...."

"I think this hat is a little too heavy for my head"

The rest of my afternoon was spent constructing a Christmas star for Hubbs.
He had told me over the weekend that he thought our old log cabin needed a star.
So, I got to work in the shop and made this...

Thanks, Jim and Kathy, for helping me get it hung in time to surprise Hubbs!!


  1. Looks YUMMY & fun yesterday ! Loved your photos . Oh my those Donkeys are soo cute ! Thanks for sharing . Have a wonderful day !

  2. Wow what a spread you put out-and your cookie trays are beautiful! My favorite cookies are the spritz. They remind me of my childhood when my dear grandma would make dozens and dozens of them. Yummo! :)

    Chloe looks radiant in all her Christmas finery. Thanks for sharing, Bev! Hugs, Meghan

  3. Your animals look so festive! Your cookie pics make my mouth water:) Have a great day - if you're like me, you're finishing up Christmas projects.

  4. Chloe is a poser! It looks like she rather enjoyed dressing up. :p


  5. Love all the new outfits...too cute! But the star...the very best, aren't you a super wife! I bet he loved it!

  6. I love how all the animals - excuse me - trusty companions - nope that isn't it either - members of the family - that's it - join in all the festivities LOL Merry Christmas and I'm looking forward to your blog next year too. Totally entertaining every day.

  7. everything looks wonderful and it sounds like a great time was had by all! the animals all look like such good sports! and the star on the log cabin is beautiful. great job!

  8. ok, one question...what holiday hat did you wear? that of the Elf, reindeer or Santa? Knowing you... all 3... elf (builder/maker)...reindeer (deliverer)..Santa (Spreading joy & smiles)
    Ho Ho Ho and Merry Christmas to you, Jack, family and critters...
    Hugz & I luv the "thread spools" wink wink... see ya in June at the Glamp fire :>)

  9. Cookies look great..as do the animals in their Christmas garb..Ho Ho Ho...

  10. Yummy cookies, and it sounds like an absolutely delicious buffet. Love your animal pics as always. :)

  11. Just beautiful!!! Love the farm animals in their festive Christmas outfits!! Merry Christmas!! Oh, and the cookies...to die for yummy!!!

  12. You baked a lot of goodies!!! The menu sounded so good! Love the animals in their Christmas finery!!!!
    XO Kris


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