Monday, November 12, 2012

Wild And Wonderful Weekends

To you, reading this blog, it might seem like the everyday routine on the farm
is awfully busy.
And although you are right, it is busy....
there is a sort of rhythm to the work.
It is all very quiet, usually calm and completely peaceful tending to daily chores.

It's the weekends that become a whirlwind of activity.
And this past weekend was no exception.
It was busy!  And incredibly fun!

We had guests for the weekend.  Amanda's college roommate, Inna,
and her mother and brother came to stay at the farm for the weekend.
Originally from Russia, Inna and her Mom came to teach us to make Borscht,
and Russian pancakes.

So delicious!  What a treat!

We gals worked in the kitchen Saturday afternoon,
chopping vegetables for this delicious, hearty Russian soup.

For dessert, I had made an Apple Harvest Cake (thanks Mom!)...
 (a cake from my childhood that I make every's a favorite!)

Sunday was hoof trimming day for the Nigerian dwarf goats.
We always save this activity for a time when guests are here.
It takes quite a few of us to round up these less than cooperative critters!

Once we catch them, the trimming is quite easy.
It's the "catching" that's the challenge!

Later Sunday morning we were treated to a visit from Tyler and his mommy.

Yes, that is a tear on Tyler's eye...
such is life with two year olds!
A ride in Grammie's gator brings a smile to his face every time!

We visited the goats, and collected eggs
and went back to the farmhouse for a grilled cheese sandwich....yum!

It was a great weekend....
wonderful friends, wonderful food, wonderful fun!

But now, it's back to the quiet, normal everyday routine....
with only these guys to keep me company.


  1. Bev, after the career you have had, I bet the quiet everyday routine is a very welcome reprieve!

  2. oh what fun! what is a russian pancake? i think i might need one. i have a you make a turkey for thanksgiving? i don't know that i could if i had a chuck and tom following me all day!

  3. Life at BHA seems busy, happy and very yummy too!

  4. hehehe ... you're turkey shadows are so funny! I love watching their feet as they walk! That's so cute that they follow you around like that!

  5. I love country life..wouldn't trade it for the world!!! ~Kim

  6. Cute! I wonder why they follow you, if they think you have food for them or do they think you are the mama turkey?

  7. Wonderful post and photos ! Those turkeys crack me up , such nosey things aren't they ? Looks like all had a wonderfully fun weekend ! Have a good day !

  8. Looks like a wonderful weekend at the, friends and critters...can't beat that!

  9. Looks like a fun time..I make Apple Harvest cake from time to time...One of my favorites..Enjoy this beautiful day..It may be our last warm one.

  10. It all looks delicious, especially the cake. Are you still looking for new lady/ladies for the turkeys?

  11. That soup looked delicious! It is always fun to have company and look at the extra help!!

    Tom and Chuck crack me up! I would love shadows like that!

    Here's to a start of a great week!!

  12. It is great to have a farm where family and friends can congregate, sorta like "The Waltons"! Those turkeys are just wonderful, makes me miss mine. Hoof trimming is always jolly good fun...not.

  13. Not that i am suggesting anything here, but, about how much do you think these turkeys would weigh if they were "dressed" for dinner? I just want to get an idea of what our Thanksgiving turkey looks like "before". Of course I know that these guys would never be "invited" to dinner.......

  14. Since I have on occasion had the opportunity to pick them up and carry them, I would say they weigh in around 15 pounds....maybe 20. Dressed (or actually undressed), probably about 15 pounds. Their breasts are not huge. Sadly, the turkeys that you buy in the store are a different breed that grows a large breast in a very short time.

  15. I can't help but think of Edith every time I see Tom and Chuck. Company is always fun. The borscht you guys prepared looks delicious.


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