Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Two Drunk Donkeys And A Little Sun

It just doesn't get any better than that!
Two drunk donkeys on a sunny day.

After ten days of solid grey-ness with nary a ray of sunshine in sight,
I was fairly blinded yesterday when the sun came out.
I felt like a bat that had somehow been locked out of the cave...
almost not recognizing what warmth from the sky felt like.

All of the farm critters were delighted, too....
each one savoring the warmth of the sun!

It was the perfect day for a visit from our favorite farrier, too.
After months and months of trying to maintain the donkeys hooves by myself,
I decided it was time to call in an expert for a little advice in shapes and angles.

I also made the executive decision, after past experiences,
to give my precious gals a little "happy juice" to make them a little more cooperative.

I have found, this past year, that if it isn't the donkey's idea....
it isn't happening.

You know the saying....
"You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink"?

Well, as far as donkeys go....
you had better be prepared to bring the water to them!
Cause if a donkey isn't going to move, it isn't going to move.
End.  Of.  Story.

All in all, my gals are quite sweet and tractable,
but hoof trimming?.... not their favorite activity on a lovely sunny day...
or any day for that matter.

So, the end result?
Two drunk donkeys with lovely feet...
all trimmed-up twinkle toes!

Chloe was fascinated by the farrier's tools.
"Wowwwww", she kept saying in her slurred donkey tongue.


  1. where can i get some of that joy juice? cause i have a chow chow that makes donkeys look easy going! when a chow doesn't want something to happen, it will never happen!

  2. Oh they are soo cute even when tipsy lol ! Glad you were able to get their hooves done . Lovely photos ! We finally have sunshine to after days of gloom . It's amazing how much spring in every ones step there is when the sun is shining . Have a good day !

  3. I had a donkey rodeo yesterday too because it was our farrier day. They are getting better as they get more experience with it, but they are still very suspicious when I lure them into their shelter. It takes mental skill on my part to outwit the little rascals.

  4. I love the last picture, a little pie eyed there! I'm pretty sure they couldn't walk a straight line!

    Isn't it amazing what a little sun can do for the spirit? Just puts that jump into our step as if we had happy juice!!

    Enjoy you day, all you happy steppers!

  5. We are begining to think we may NEED a couple of donkeys.

  6. We are begining to think we may NEED a couple of donkeys.

  7. Ah, a glass or two of wine (or joy juice) and sunshine on ones face makes everything a bit better!

  8. That last shot is SO awesome. The laid back ears, the hooded eyes, the directionless perusing of the farriers wares. Give her a bag of Doritos and she'd be all set!

  9. Drunkin Donks!!! They're still cute!!
    The sunshine didn't last long..Brr!!

  10. Wonky donkeys!

    Kathy from Tasmania

  11. Handling equine drugs of that nature makes me nervous as it can be absorbed through our own skin and is very powerful stuff. Hope I never have to use it with my own horses. You are lucky to have an expert nearby such as Dr. Becky.
    Heather in PA

  12. 'nothing wrong with a little 'happy juice'... now and then... and if we have a Winter like we did in 2007-8 I may need to borrow some of that 'happy juice'!!


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