Friday, November 16, 2012

Sunrise, Sunset

Yesterday was one of those days when I was lucky enough to be outside
both at sunrise and at sunset.
And let me tell you, both were spectacular!
Sadly, I did not have my camera with me for sunrise.
But yesterday evening....

The sun set with a promise of another beautiful day to come!

As the sun set over the upper chicken houses,
Roy Boy made his way back down to the barn to his perch on top of the lower chicken house
just outside the barn.

I have tried to convince him that this is not the best night time roosting spot.
He's a bit exposed up there.

I had originally tried to have him roost in the barn,
but he's an outdoorsy kind of guy.
Hopefully having the donkeys and horses so close will discourage any owls from
attempting to kidnap Roy Boy!

As the sun sinks in the western sky, the guineas make their way back to the barn.
Here, they expend their last bits of energy, chasing each other,
until that last moment when they simultaneously ascend into the old pine tree.
Here they roost for the night.

By the way, we still have all 15 of the young guineas that graduated from the Birdbrain U.
A statistic that is almost unheard of in the guinea world!!

It has been one week since Moll Flanders' surgery (spaying).
She has recuperated quite nicely and seems to have adopted the barn and greenhouse
as her permanent home.

She is such a cuddly kitty and is getting along well with the rest of the barn cats.

Her first interaction with Sammy was a bit dicey,

but they soon became good friends.

Now, she rubs up against him when he comes into the barn.

We just seem to be very lucky in that all of our animals get along with each other.
I really cannot explain it...
but peace always seems to prevail.

Hope your weekend is a good one.
Are you getting ready for Thanksgiving?
We's one of our favorite holidays here on the farm.


  1. i think Roy Boy is the prettiest rooster i've ever seen!

    are you saying the guinea's actually fly up into the tree? or did i misunderstand? growing up we lived beside a farm that had guineas and i've never seen them do that!

  2. Pretty sunset! Ahhh, Moll you are a sweet kitty! Looks like Sammie and her will be best buds!

    Enjoy your weekend, Hugs!!

  3. i love the way your animals interact. teddy would be running around all day seeing how many she could kill. chows are not farm pups. i am baking a big chocolate cake for the blog tech's birthday today. then i am getting serious about thanksgiving. it is just the 4 of us so nothing too fancy!

  4. Margie....yes, every night they fly up into the old pine tree to roost. In the morning, they simultaneously fly back out, over the field by the indoor arena, and land in the upper pastures. That is the extent of their daily flying, however.

  5. I hope Roy is safe up there. Toby sleeps inside with the girls so I am sure they will all make it through the night. Congrats on the guineas:-). Silly birds would never survive here so I have never tried.

  6. What a wonderful loving family you have!

  7. Wonderful photos . All the animals getting ready for bed cute ! I am glad to hear kitty is doing well and fitting in with the farm clan ! Roy Boy you are daring keep safe ! Have a great weekend all !

  8. I captured that sunset as well..It will get posted someday...Moll Flanders looks fat and sassy..Glad she is fitting in..Have a wonderful weekend..

  9. What a beautiful sky! And I sure do hope nothing happens to that rooster and he will be safe because I like him!

  10. Roy-Boy is spectacular and i'll bet he knows it! I hope he stays safe too. And what a pretty kitty Moll is!!

  11. Thanksgiving is my favorite Holiday! I reject the idea that it's Christmas - Phase 1, and instead enjoy the entire weekend as a celebration of family and fall and bounty.

    I think peace prevails on your farm because you expect it to happen. You are a peaceful person, you throw that into the paradigm, and peace ensues. We create a lot of the reality we see, and you are just creating good will and calm. How cool!

  12. It's simple my dear friend,, when you give Love, you get Love.... Moll Flanders is full of love to give & get....

  13. Roy Boy is a brave roo. Congrats on the guineas. We have about 50 at this time. They still come into the coop at night. I can say it now, we have had less road kill this past summer. Maybe they have learned about the road and cars? Nah...not guineas.


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