Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Room Service

Me: "Hey Missy, it's time for dinner."

Missy:  "It's about time... you're late!"
Me:  "We already discussed this...when we turned the clocks back."

Missy:  "What's for dinner, anyway?"

Me:  "Goat feed... the good stuff.  And stop making faces at me."

Missy:  "Goat feed, again?  Yuck!"

Me:  "Well, what would you like for dinner, Missy?"

Missy:  "Ritz."

Me: "Ok, Missy.... just eat your pellets first."

It could have been worse...
coming from a pregnant goat.
Around the middle of January, she'll start begging for pickles and ice cream!


  1. She is so beautiful, a shame she is a prima donna!

    Kathy from Tasmania

  2. i just ADORE the goats! :) i'm still having trouble with my little McDuff and the time change too! he comes to find me when HE thinks it's time to eat, then sits and glares at me! i can only imagine a whole farm full of animals giving you the glare!

  3. Ha ha! I bet Missy couldn't wait to finish those pellets so she could have her Ritz treats.

  4. I feel for the 'ol goat' :) Pregnancy makes everyone grumpy and hungry! :)

  5. That's cute ! love the photos ! Yes our girls seem to want supper earlier as they don't know of the time change either ! Have a good day !

  6. I thunk it has something to do with her name...I didn't know she was pregnant..Congrats...

  7. I love her YUCK picture! She sure can express herself! It provided a good smile this morning! Hugs!!!

  8. This made me laugh out loud. I have fond memories of Sally, my pigmy goat...she was a tortilla chip and roses kind of gal...no thorns, just the entire rose and tortilla chips on the side. I love your goats!

  9. They certainly do play it up for those special treats!

  10. Oh Missy is magnificent! (Not an exaggeration as you likely know!) I just want to hug her. Oh.. and nice tongue. She indeed looks happy to see you. After all, you come bearing Ritz! :)

  11. haha this is funny! Does she require pedicures as well?


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