Wednesday, November 28, 2012

"It's always darkest before the dawn...."
And this morning is no exception to that.
The moon has already set.
The farm is shrouded in peaceful, inky darkness...snow falling softly,
 blanketing the ground and muffling all sound.

I pull on my warm gear and head out in the gator...
into the first snowfall of the season.

 I quickly feed the animals, enjoying the peace and quiet of the pre-dawn.

The horses and donkeys quietly munch on their hay

 as the snow settles on their backs.

I am amazed at how quickly the flakes accumulate.

This is the view from the barn's hayloft...

And the guinea tree by the barn...

Up in the chicken pen, Roy Boy has ventured outside with his girlfriend, Dolly.

The rest of the gang watch from the doorway of the henhouse,
hesitant to get their toes cold.

As for MaryAnn and Ginger...
they prefer to remain spectators.
After all, everything they need is inside under a heat lamp...
why venture outside?

As for me...
my free time will be spent in my sewing room,
making more of these....

my view... a winter wonderland!

Is there anything more magical than the first snow?
Perhaps a Christmas snow!


  1. Dunno I think that first snow is the best. But a close second is the Christmas one.

  2. For me . . . there is magic in each snowfalll . . . . We had a light dusting again last night. The full moon and then some snow brought shadows throughout the night . . . I woke up and walked to the windows to see the snow and moonlight. Magical . . .

  3. i have severe snow envy! we only got a dusting and then it was gone. those piggies are smart! the farm looks beautiful!

  4. It's beautiful. We've got it outside now too.... I love when the horses first trot out into it and snort, with a flagged tail and head up high...

  5. It's a winter wonderland! It looks so pretty and the view from your sewing room is just stunning.

  6. Snow sure makes your farm look so peaceful. Since we don't get much snow I will just enjoy your pictures. I'm thinking I would snuggle in after morning chores and just watch it snow.

    Hugs this morning and here hoping to stay on task sewing!! hugs!

  7. Oh wow! Those pictures are incredible and your quilt is beautiful! Sure wish we would get snow. I have a better chance of winning the lotto! But...we are expecting almost 8 inches of rain over the next five days...soup and cookie baking time.
    Enjoy your snow.

  8. How beautiful!!! Are you making some quilts to sell in your Etsy shop?

  9. Lovely quilt !! I think you may have had a little more snow than we did..Never heard of a guinea tree..Any idea where I could find one???

  10. Yes it is that time of year. I always love the first snowfall and the hush it gives to the world. Unfortuately we don't always get snow in winter where I live. We may get a few snow "events", which is always exciting but it usually doesn't stay around long. Enjoy your snow.


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