Monday, October 8, 2012

Wounded Warriors

It was a tough couple of days for two of our friends.

Oakley came home yesterday after one of his hunting trips in the woods
with a bleeding foot.

He had apparently cut the pad on the bottom of one of his back feet.

I applied antibiotic ointment and a dressing
(which we changed several times until the bleeding stopped).

Without the dressing, he walks on his foot just fine,
however with the dressing, he is all about getting everyone's pity!
He is Oakely the Amazing 3 Legged Dog!

Meanwhile, in the goat pen, Chip and Fred have gone head to head
a few too many times,
leaving Fred with a battered and bloody scalp.
Don't be alarmed, this happens every mating season.
Boys love to show the girls who the toughest goat is!


Why is it that males are so competitive?
I have even seen two of our roosters enjoying a game of horseshoes...
and disagreeing over who was closest to the pin!

Silly, silly boys...
I've got to tell you,
we girls are not impressed by this behavior!


  1. Thank you for the morning giggle and smile . . . (after I went, ahhhh poor "three legged doggie!")

  2. OUCH!!! that scalp!!! So.. do they stop once they've injured themselves or do you have to separate them because they'll keep at it?

  3. Well, mating season has come to an end almost, so once the gals are gone....peace will settle once more over the buck pen. Thank goodness!!

  4. See, your nursing skills put to use once again! Hope all heals well. Boys!

  5. poor oakley! i think you should stop everything you are doing and pay undivided attention to him...i think he thinks so too!

  6. Silly boys is right, no matter what age or specie!! Hopefully all heal soon! Looking forward to a great week!!

  7. Poor puppy. Hope he's getting all the sympathy he deserves. :-) I have to say, I am very lucky that my big bucks get along. They spend more time trying to rub their stink on each other than fighting.

  8. Horse shoes !! do need to get funny..I hope Oakie is OK..

  9. Ouch...poor Oakley! And those boys.....honestly, they are silly!!!
    XO Kris

  10. Oh, poor babies! What is it about males? It doesn't seem to make a difference if they walk on two feet or four feet - does it!

    Have a great week, hope the boys behave better for you!


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