Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hen Party

Yesterday was a big day in the chicken pen.
The hens were all a twitter...
squawking and clucking...

 first about the fact that they were not allowed outside their yard,
and second because eleven new girls moved into their coop.

The chicks that I bought this summer at the feed store are now full grown
and soon ready to begin laying.

They packed their belongings this morning,
and loaded up in the gator...

an adventure beyond their comprehension awaiting them.
( I have to add that catching them all by myself was a bit of a comedy act...
 that sadly no one was around to film!)

With my trusty chicken herder, Maddie, we set off for the upper chicken houses.

The girls hastily exited their carriers and joined the hen party,
with the exception of the barred rock hen on the left.
She took her good old time...

While the rest of the gals joined the flock without incident,
the little Barred Rock still hesitated.

And naturally, when she finally got around to introducing herself,

there were some ruffled feathers,

and a minor skirmish ensued....

The conflict was brief and no one suffered any wounds...
except perhaps wounded pride.

Thankfully, the rest of the day was uneventful.
I will keep all of the gals inside their yard for the next few days,
giving the newbies a chance to identify it as home...
at which time, all of them will once again be allowed to free range during the day.

As for hen #12 who turned out to be a surprise rooster....

He took a ride in his very own compartment...

to his new home in the barn.
(Bobby served as welcoming committee.)

It wasn't long until he found his way outside...

and joined the bachelors at the barn...Elton, Number 6, and Giuseppe
(who has decided that he is no longer a guinea!)
Number 6 gave him a little welcome song

and dance.

And all was well in the barnyard!


  1. what a nice story. glad everyone settled in so nicely.

  2. Great pictures and story line . . . well done!

  3. What an eventful day. I love that your roos live in harmony.

  4. Glad to hear everyone is getting along. I'm amazed your roosters don't fight.

  5. Your post sure do keep me interested. Love it! Enjoy your day.


  6. I enjoyed your hen party story this morning. I'm sure Maddie was lots of help. Sad to say my girls numbers have been going down. I'm thinking of getting a camera to watch the yard during the day. Can't seem to trap anything, SAD! So no free ranging anymore unless I'm right there in the yard with them.

  7. Love the "getting to know" you dance..great for missing pictures of you rounding them up, some things are better left to the imagination...

  8. Oh Beverly-wonderful story and pictures! Fun adventure!--Rain :)

  9. Introductions sound like a success! Glad to see your chickens all get along so well.

  10. I'm introducing four new pullets to my five hens tomorrow... was wondering how to do it and what that would be like.. thanks for the info!

  11. Yea! Why doyou keep the Roos separated?
    They all look wonderful!
    XO Kris

  12. Loved this post! Loved that your roos are in a separate place but HAPPY!

  13. So delightful! Love your blog posts.

  14. For sure the winner is who ever jumps the highest. Such cute ladies.

  15. What a wonderful post ! I can hear them all as I was reading and looking at the great photos ! On our farm when I was a kid my mum would always say the hens are doing their nut , when they clucked and carried on frantically ! I would say they scared them selves when layed an egg lol ! I was 5 . We had some of the colourfull roosters I don't remember the breed and we named them , the girls as well, actually we named all our animals ! farmers eh? any who the one rooster I remember was named Alfred he was quite the character always doing the gig for the hunny's ! Hope all settles down in the hen house ! Have a great day !


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