Thursday, September 27, 2012

Gardening Season Wrap-Up

In between the Autumn drizzle that we have been experiencing the past two days,
I took a couple walks out to the garden.
Gardening for this year is almost over.

The garden fence is almost covered now with vines and blossoms...
just the way I had hoped it would be.

Our tomatoes are almost finished.

The peppers are still producing and will keep giving until a hard frost
ends their lives.

The sweet potato vines have overflowed their box

and the soil has swelled from the mounds of (soon to be harvested) potatoes.

Chard and kale are abundant.

Carrots and parsnips remain in their earthy home,
awaiting frost to arrive and sweeten them.

For some reason the guineas are fascinated by the strawberry boxes.

And since these birds are such good insect hunters...
I say "be my guest!"

One of our bluebird boxes was bursting at the seams,

and inside we found this....

Have you ever seen a fancier nest?
What a soft and luxurious place for new babies to hatch!

It always amazes me how birds use whatever is available to make their nests...
mud, grass, twigs, feathers, horse hair...

As you see, I save these sorts of things.
I have a tree full of nests in my sewing room,
and the greenhouse is becoming a naturalist museum of sorts.
It just seems to be sad to discard these beautiful pieces of natural artwork.
I am thinking that someday they may fascinate the little ones who visit us.

No trip to the garden is complete without stopping to visit the pigs, 
and they are always happy to have company....

a chance for "belly rubbin'" (MaryAnn's favorite!)

Even Sadie visited with the girls (for the first time ever).

(A little "smooch" between sisters!)


  1. your place is gorgeous! i love those nests. i think all the nests in my area are made out of teddy hair!

  2. What a great collection of nests. The feather nest is surely one of the fanciest I have ever seen.

  3. Very lovely!! Love your guineas and the nest from the bluebird box is gorgeous. Your farm is delicious!

  4. Love and save nests too! Have you ever found a Hummingbird nest?

  5. I love your collection of nests. The one from the bluebird box is indeed a work of art. Our chickens are molting now and there are soft feathers everywhere. I was thinking it's a shame there are no birds building nests because it would be very warm and comfy, I'm sure.

  6. Wow, Sadies's first visit!!! You know I always love a picture of her! I have a canner full of tomatoes going as I write this note. The garden is winding down here also. Love all the beautiful nest, I only have a few. Here's to a terrific day!!!!

  7. Oh my goodness, your garden still looks fabulous!!! Mine was burnt out by mid August!
    My chickens love to go into the garden! They had fun when I opened the gate after I removed most plants. They had a field day in those boxes!!
    I save nests too. With 100 or so trees on our grove, we have so many. They are beautiful works of art!!
    The bushtit being my favorite of all. My granddaughter took it to school for sharing the word N. So fun!
    Have a great day!
    XO KRis

  8. Sadie didn't look too thrilled to be with the piggies...Your garden still looks productive..

  9. I love your beautiful collection of nests! The feather one is just over the top...gorgeous!


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